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Jared Fogle: What You Need To Know in Five Minutes or Less
Jared Fogle is a hot topic lately. America is a strange place in this regard. Americans love to see someone rise from obscurity to become famous and r...
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Elizabeth Banks Disses Tara Reid, She Gets A Response
Tara Reid took the high road and came out a bit classier than Elizabeth Banks this time around. The Sharknado actress was not-so subtly dissed by Bank...
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Elizabeth Banks Takes Dig At Tara Reid, Reid Takes The High Road
Elizabeth Banks is never one to shy away from the cold, hard truth. And it’s that kind of attitude that led Elizabeth Banks to say some pretty d...
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Elizabeth Banks On Hollywood Success and Tara Reid: ‘Some of Us Are Surviving. Some of Us Are Not’
Elizabeth Banks shared her thoughts on longevity and, in the process, sorta, kinda dissed Tara Reid. Elizabeth Banks talked about her career with The ...
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Bo Derek Blows Talent Curve in Sharknado 3
Bo Derek’s film career has not always been the most consistent thing. She will forever be known as the hot body with braids running through the ...
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Bo Derek Will Be Tara Reid’s Mom. Because Sometimes Apples Fall Far.
Bo Derek, most famous as the perfect braided bod in 10, which she later kinda-sorta nodded to in Tommy Boy with Chris Farley, is now on board for Shar...
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Ann Coulter Will Be Vice-President
Ann Coulter is adding another item to her résumé — vice-president. As in Vice-President of the United States. A statement like that is kind of...
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Tara Reid, Ian Ziering Sign on for ‘Sharknado 3’
Tara Reid and Ian Ziering are ready to do it again. The two have signed on for Sharknado 3, which is set to air in July 2015. The SyFy phenomenon will...
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Tara Reid Tweets Her Excitement After She and Ian Ziering Sign On For ‘Sharknado 3’ — ‘WooHoo’
Tara Reid and Ian Ziering will once again take on those pesky sharks when Sharknado 3 hits the small screen in July. Reid, 39, and Ziering, 50, will r...
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Tara Reid Says Humor in ‘Sharknado’ Movies Comes From Playing It Seriously
Actress Tara Reid says the humor found in the campy disaster movies Sharknado and Sharnado 2: The Second One comes from the actors playing their roles...
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Tara Reid Launches New Sharknado-Inspired Perfume
Tara Reid is striking while the iron is hot. The American Pie actress is capitalizing on the buzz generated by Syfy’s premiere of Sharknado 2: T...
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Sharknado 2 Beats the Original, on Twitter and on TV
Did you watch the Syfy original movie Sharknado 2: The Second One Wednesday night? Did you talk about it on Twitter? Good for you – you’re jus...
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Tara Reid Wants The Media To See Her As An Adult
Tara Reid has made a comeback of sorts with the campy SyFy hits Sharknado and Sharknado 2: The Second One, and although she’s been working since...
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Sharknado 2: Could It Really Happen?
If you have seen the movie Sharknado, you’ve probably thought about how unlikely it would be that the events in the movie would happen in real life....
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Tara Reid Took Her Role In ‘Sharknado’ Seriously
Even though she found herself in absurd and awkward situations, actress Tara Reid says she took her role in the low-budget television films, Sharknado...
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Tara Reid Offers Sneak Peek Of “Sharknado 2”
If you loved Sharknado, get ready for the sequel because it’s almost time for Sharknado 2. Fans of the first movie have been anxiously awaiting ...
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Jason Biggs Apologizes To Tara Reid
Jason Biggs has issued an apology to Tara Reid after making fun of her body. During a recent appearance on Joan Rivers’ show In Bed With Joan, B...
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Sharknado 2 Casts Mark McGrath, Kelly Osbourne; Will Begin Production Next Week
Sharknado, or the B movie that conquered Twitter last summer, is getting a sequel–but you probably know that. We already knew that both Tara Reid an...
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Tara Reid and Ian Ziering Sign on for Sharknado 2
The chainsaw-wielding, shark-slaying duo are back! Tara Reid and Ian Ziering have signed on for a Sharknado sequel to debut on Syfy in July. They will...
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Tara Reid To Star In Sharknado 2
Are you ready for Sharknado 2? You had better be, because Tara Reid has just signed on for the sequel. If you didn’t catch the first Sharknado, ...
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