Tara Reid Says Humor in 'Sharknado' Movies Comes From Playing It Seriously

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Actress Tara Reid says the humor found in the campy disaster movies Sharknado and Sharnado 2: The Second One comes from the actors playing their roles very seriously, even though the situations the actors found themselves in were completely ridiculous at times.

"Even though the situation was crazy, you had to play it serious," the actress told reporters in a teleconference recently. "If you were playing it, laughing all the time, the story line wouldn't even make sense. It's like taking it serious in such an absurd, crazy environment and that's where the jokes come in. That's where it gets funny, so you really do have to commit to your character and also know what you are playing. And being in that situation that you're in and playing it serious, then there comes in the humor."

The SyFy Network's Sharknado movies tell the tales of freak weather phenomena that dump man-eating sharks from tornados on cities like Los Angeles and New York. Both installments were huge hits for the network and became social media phenomena of their own accord.

In both installments, Reid plays the character, April, and together with her ex-husband Fin, played by Ian Ziering, they take on the sharks.

Reid told UPI the success of the first installment did not affect her approach to playing April.

"It was exciting that the first one was such a hit, but I don't think that changed how we performed or affected us any way like that," said Reid. "We were hoping to make another big, fun film that people would enjoy."

The 38-year-old actress said the excitement to reunite once again to film Sharknado 2 was palpable for the entire cast.

"The vibe on the set was great," she said. "We got lucky. Everyone truly got along in the movie and had a great time with each other and I think that shows."

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