Elizabeth Banks On Hollywood Success and Tara Reid: 'Some of Us Are Surviving. Some of Us Are Not'

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Elizabeth Banks shared her thoughts on longevity and, in the process, sorta, kinda dissed Tara Reid.

Elizabeth Banks talked about her career with The Hollywood Reporter recently and said her successful career is only dreamed about for many aspiring actresses.

Acknowledging how hard it is for actresses once they reach a certain age, she said it's just as difficult in those early days because the competition is just so great.

"There was a group of us girls coming up. A lot of us are surviving. Some of us are not," Elizabeth Banks, who has added director to her resume for Pitch Perfect 2, told the magazine bluntly. "I used to go to auditions with Tara Reid. So, you know, we didn't all make it. We're not all still here."

"[But]I do love Sharknado," she added, perhaps to soften the blow.

Elizabeth Banks attributes her success, in part, to her insatiable need to learn and grow.

"I don't stay in my trailer," she shared. "I like to sit in video village, probably to the annoyance of some producers and directors, because they really love to talk about actors and they can't in front of me."

Elizabeth Banks feels she has a lot riding on her directorial debut with the Pitch Perfect sequel.

"The list of women who get to make studio-level films is very short," she said. "And I'm not quite in that club yet. Until this movie comes out, then we'll see. This shoot is the test. I like to get A's."

Do you think Elizabeth Banks went to far in her comments about Tara Reid?

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