Jared Fogle: What You Need To Know in Five Minutes or Less

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Jared Fogle is a hot topic lately. America is a strange place in this regard. Americans love to see someone rise from obscurity to become famous and rewarded. It's why we like talent show like American Idol. It's why Joe the Plumber's 15 minutes of fame stretched on and on.

Subway restaurants used that part of the American collective psyche to sell sandwiches. They took a guy who had lost 200 lbs by eating just Subway sandwiches twice a day and made him the face of their brand.

Jared Fogle went on to be worth millions. He started a foundation to fight childhood obesity. He wrote a book. He ran a marathon. He had a filmed cameo in the upcoming Sharknado installment. For years he was a wholesome, goofy face selling a product that his own experience said worked. It was a fresh alternative to celebrity endorsements. It was the reverse of that.

Then Jared Fogle answered the door at his home to have a search warrant handed to him. To date, there are no charges filed against Jared Fogle. His neighbors say he left his house wearing a hoodie as FBI agents looked on, and has never returned to the home.

Apparently, Russell Taylor, a former employee of the foundation Fogle started was arrested on child pornography charges. The man attempted suicide in jail. Fogle has not been charged with anything, but FBI agents spent 11 hours going through his home.

Subway issued a statement saying that they had a mutual agreement with Fogle to part ways.

The digging into Fogle's past began in earnest, but this time it was not for inspirational material. Stories surfaced that Fogle ran an "adult video rental service" from his dorm room in college.

One reporter claims that Fogle told her that "middle school girls are hot." His lawyers laughed at that one outright, since there is no record or proof that it ever happened.

Some have said they will not eat at Subway because they think Fogle is suspected of child pornography. Some say they will not eat at Subway because they canned Fogle without his ever having been charged with anything.

The producers of Sharknado 3 pulled the Jared Fogle cameo from their upcoming airing of the movie.

Twitter has not been kind to Jared Fogle lately.

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