Elizabeth Banks Disses Tara Reid, She Gets A Response

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Tara Reid took the high road and came out a bit classier than Elizabeth Banks this time around.

The Sharknado actress was not-so subtly dissed by Banks in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

During the interview, the Hunger Games actress was asked about her early days in Hollywood. And while discussing how hard Hollywood can be to actresses once they reach a certain age, the new director took a surprising swipe at Reid.

“There was a group of us girls coming up,” Banks recounted. “A lot of us are surviving. Some of us are not. I used to go to auditions with Tara Reid. So, you know, we didn’t all make it. We’re not all still here.”

The 41-year-old then added for good measure “but I loved Sharknado.”

Reid admittedly used to be more known than Banks when she appeared in the American Pie series. She was also seen in TV shows like Scrubs but for the past few years, the 39-year-old actress has been more known for her partying, straight to DVD releases and for the campy Sharknado movies.

On the other hand, Banks’ star is rising. The actress has been seen in popular movies like the Hunger Games and The Lego Movie.

However, the swipe against Reid in the interview was surprising and puzzling as it came out of nowhere.

But to Reid’s credit, she didn’t rise to the provocation and opted to take the high road.

When asked by gossip website TMZ about Banks’ comments, Reid replied that "I've always been a fan of [Banks'] work and that’s sad to hear she said those things about me.

The Sharknado 3 star also added that if she does run into her erstwhile contemporary, she would still "smile and say, hi.”

Good job there, Reid! Banks should be feeling like a right jerk by now.

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