Bo Derek Blows Talent Curve in Sharknado 3

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Bo Derek's film career has not always been the most consistent thing. She will forever be known as the hot body with braids running through the surf in the movie 10. But that was back in 1979 and only her second role. Since then, Bo Derek has managed to accumulate a total of only 33 credits, including one in Tommy Boy with Chris Farley where, as Farley joked, she looked a lot like her character from 10, and two others where she is credited as herself.

If Bo Derek's career does not display depth -- or even width -- it is certainly not guilty of being unrecognizable. And it is her iconic name and look that the producers of Sharknado 3 are hoping to trade on by casting her in the latest installment of the SyFy annual throwdown.

Bo Derek is slated to play May, the mother of April, played in all the installments by Tara Reid. Reid and Ian Ziering, who regularly plays Fin, have seen their careers brought back from the dead by the Sharknado series of movies.

Bo Derek joins other confirmed guest stars such as Jerry Springer, Chris Kirkpatrick from 'N Sync, and wrestler Chris Jericho.

Another big name joining Bo Derek in the annual SyFy tradition of ridiculousness is billionaire entrepreneur Mark Cuban. Perhaps there is a Shark Tank/Sharknado connection they are aiming for. In this round, Cuban will play none other than the President of the United States.

"I'm doing it," Cuban told Fox Sports recently. "Why not? It'll be fun."

Cuban pops up from time to time, doing commercials and other spots. In addition to his Shark Tank residency, Cuban once did a turn on the dance floor in Dancing with the Stars.

What has garnered more press than perhaps any other guest star announcement for Sharknado 3 is who would be playing Cuban's vice president. Joining the billionaire as he runs the shark-plagued nation is none other than conservative political pundit Ann Counter.

Anthony C. Ferrante, who has directed all the Sharknado installments, will return to direct the newest one.

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