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Microsoft-Facebook Legal Clash Over Personnel Possible
Tech companies poach each other's employees on a regular basis; a week rarely goes by without something alone the lines of a Yahoo-to-Google or Zyn...
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Google Announces Big Expansion In Latin America
More details of Google's plan to hire 6,000 new employees have come to light.  It seems the search giant will focus an unusual amount of atten...
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Facebook Picks Up New Employees From Pursuit
Pursuit, a small startup designed to connect employers with job candidates via social networks, has secured what some people (though not all - more...
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Report: Pres. Of MySpace Music To Step Down
In fairness to MySpace: its brand recognition is off the charts, and it still receives traffic for which many sites' owners would kill.  But j...
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Facebook Hires Google’s Latin America Head
Although Google's famous for being one of the world's best employers, Facebook has been able to lure workers away on a regular basis, and the socia...
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Twitter Poaches MySpace’s Director Of Business Development
Depending on your perspective, Twitter's recruiters have either succeeded or struck again.  After luring employees away from Google, Yahoo, an...
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Google Makes Job Offer To Nokia Engineers
Earlier this week, Google Vice President of Engineering Vic Gundotra raised a few eyebrows by calling Nokia and Microsoft "turkeys" on Tw...
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Starbucks CEO Joins Groupon Board Of Directors
Groupon employees might want to look for the quality of coffee at their workplace to improve in the near future.  This afternoon, Groupon anno...
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President Of Akamai To Join Yahoo’s Board Of Directors
Heads up, Yahoo watchers.  On April 1st, the company's board of directors will undergo a change, with longtime board member Eric Hippeau resig...
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Microsoft Search Head Gets Big Promotion
Whoever's in charge of printing Microsoft employees' business cards is sure to be loading the machines with some of the best paper and ink availabl...
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Google Tallies 75,000 Job Applications In Single Week
Nine days ago, Google announced with some fanfare that it intended to hire at least 6,000 new employees this year.  Now, it turns out the resp...
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eBay Attracts Employees From Bing, Facebook
eBay lost an important employee last week (the VP of product development at PayPal jumped to Google) but things are now looking up on the personnel...
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Yahoo VP Leaving For Groupon
The company that's said to have turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google has now lured an important employee away from the second-big...
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Twitter Adds Bing’s Principal Scientist To Employee List
"Principal scientist" is an important-sounding title, and it's hard to imagine any person holding it wouldn't contribute a lot to his or ...
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PayPal VP Of Product Development Moves To Google
Fans of Google Checkout and/or the idea of paying for things with your Android smartphone have reason to cheer this morning: Osama Bedier, the (for...
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Yahoo Confirms Layoffs Ahead Of Q4 Earnings Report
In a few minutes, Yahoo will release an earnings report concerning the fourth quarter of 2010, but prior to that, the company's admitted that yet a...
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Google Plans 1,000-Person Hiring Spree In Europe
Anyone concerned that Google's growth will slow under Larry Page can probably at least put aside those fears with respect to the company's headcoun...
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Google Snags Microsoft Kinect Developer
Last year, Google invested in Zynga and Ngmoco, acquired Slide and Jambool, and unveiled games intended for the Chrome Web Store in rapid successio...
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Rumor: Chrome Chief To Stick With Google Despite Twitter Bid
As news stories go, there have been more interesting ones than an employee not switching companies.  However, rumors indicated that Twitter wa...
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MySpace Confirms 47 Percent Staff Reduction
If you happen to know anyone who's employed by MySpace, today's a good day to keep them in your thoughts.  MySpace CEO Mike Jones confirmed th...
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