Twitter Poaches MySpace's Director Of Business Development

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Depending on your perspective, Twitter's recruiters have either succeeded or struck again.  After luring employees away from Google, Yahoo, and Facebook, they've now also brought Rita Garg, Director of Business Development at MySpace, onboard.

Garg has a rather impressive resume.  For starters, she attended both Stanford (getting a BA in Economics) and the Harvard Business School (earning an MBA).

As for her work history, Garg spent a short time as an intern at the Walt Disney Company, a longer period at management consulting firm McKinsey & Company, and a few months at Dow Jones Online.

She was employed by Google for a short while, too, before finally winding up at MySpace and spending most of three years there.

All that experience should put Garg in a good position to help Twitter establish new partnerships and form stronger ties with developers (she'll continue to deal in business development at the microblogging company).

Really excited for a new adventure. Will be joining the BD team at Twitter. Could not be more excited to @jointheflock!less than a minute ago via web

A big hat tip goes to Marshall Kirkpatrick, in any event.  And Kirkpatrick noted, "According to its page listing official staff members, Twitter appears to have hired at least 36 people in the last 3 weeks."


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