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Facebook Grabs Carsabi Co-Founders, But Not the Site
Facebook has just added some entrepreneurial talent to their team with the hiring of Dwight Crow and Christopher Berner, the two founders of used car ...
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Larry Page Appoints Six New SVPs
Whoever’s responsible for printing Googlers’ business cards now has a lot more work to do.  Larry Page, exercising his newfound power as ...
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(Another) Yahoo Mergers And Acquisitions Head Leaves
We’re not too sure what to say here, except maybe “uh-oh” or “whoops.”  Less than six months after Yahoo’s previo...
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Quora Hires Facebook Recruiter
The growth rate of Quora (and we mean the actual company, not just the Q&A site) may soon increase at a rapid pace.  Quora has hired Andy Barton,...
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Microsoft Search Alliance Exec Switches Sides To Yahoo
Relations between Microsoft and Yahoo may sour as a result, but it’s a good bet Yahoo execs are going to brag a bit about a new hire.  It seems...
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Yahoo Appoints SVP Of User Experience Design
Google’s sites are famous for their clean, minimalist designs.  Microsoft has managed to make Bing eye-catching through the use of amazing phot...
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Facebook Hires Time Warner Media Exec
“President of Time Warner Global Media Group” is an impressive title. “Senior Vice President of Time Warner” isn’t bad, ...
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Google Hires Java Creator
A new employee at Google may need little introduction to other members of the team.  Indeed, depending on how much they love Java, it’s even po...
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Facebook May Hire Former White House Press Secretary
A man who’s fielded questions about wars and the economy on an international stage might soon start to help a certain social network present its...
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Twitter Hires Former AdSense Manager
A man with an interesting history of making money for high-tech organizations may now try his hand at doing the same for Twitter.  Today, Twitter ann...
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Jack Dorsey-Twitter Reunion Rumored
Jack Dorsey, a cofounder of Twitter and the company’s first CEO, may soon return to it on a fulltime basis.  Multiple reports suggest Dorsey is...
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Groupon Hiring 100 New Employees In Palo Alto
It must be an exciting – and confusing – time at Groupon.  Even as the company’s launching sites in foreign countries, preparing fo...
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Groupon President And COO Leaving Company
Almost exactly one year ago, Groupon announced that former Yahoo exec Rob Solomon had joined the organization and assumed the dual positions of presid...
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Flickr’s Head Of Product Set To Leave
One of Yahoo’s strongest properties will soon lose its head of product. Late yesterday, Matthew Rothenberg announced that he’s leaving Fli...
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Google Corporate Development Director Goes To Facebook
Google’s famous for the rate at which it gobbles up smaller companies, and soon enough, Facebook may adopt similar habits.  Facebook now has an...
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AOL Layoffs Hit Again
This should come as no surprise to anyone who knows of the Huffington Post acquisition (and particularly to anyone who’s been watching headlines...
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Yahoo Shuffles Sales Force Leadership
Yesterday, LivingSocial announced that it had hired a high-ranking Yahoo sales exec (“Vice President of North American Field Sales”).  No...
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LivingSocial Hires High-Ranking Yahoo Sales Exec
Yahoo’s ad sales in the U.S. (along with the rest of the continent) may be in for a rough patch.  LivingSocial, the group deals site that compe...
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YouTube Hires Paramount EVP/GM
Less than a month ago, a rumor indicated that YouTube would begin paying celebrities big money in order to create custom content.  Now, a piece of th...
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AOL Layoff Rumors Resurface Again
Today’s workday may be another tough eight hours for AOL employees.  CEO Tim Armstrong himself has confirmed that more layoffs will occur due t...
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