New SVP Of Yahoo Media Network Hired

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Most stories covering personnel moves at Yahoo don't exactly count as wins for the company, but it looks like Yahoo's set to attain a victory.  Reports indicate Mickie Rosen will soon assume the title "Senior Vice President of the Yahoo Media Network."

Rosen has an impressive resume.  Her career began at McKinsey & Company, a large and well-known consulting firm, while she attended Harvard Business School.  She did stints at Disney, Quisic, Idealab, and Fandango afterward.

Next, Rosen moved on to Fox Interactive Media, where she served as senior vice president and general manager of entertainment (and helped bring Fox and Hulu together).  Then she became a partner at Fuse Capital, and she acted as CEO of Best Buy-backed Tecca, too.

Mickie RosenThat long list might hint that Rosen won't work at Yahoo for decades - or maybe even for more than a year or three.  Rosen should be an asset, though, and no one else at Yahoo's getting kicked out in order to make room for her.

Kara Swisher explained, "Rosen's new job had actually been that of former Audience head David Ko, as well as former Media VP Jimmy Pitaro. . . .  Ko left Yahoo and is now heading mobile games at Zynga, while Pitaro is a top digital exec at Disney."

Rosen will report to Ross Levinsohn, the executive vice president of the Americas region at Yahoo.

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