Yahoo VP Leaving For Groupon


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The company that's said to have turned down a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google has now lured an important employee away from the second-biggest name in search.  Michael Shim, Vice President of Mobile Business Development and Partnerships at Yahoo, will soon start at Groupon.

Shim's resume is quite impressive.  After graduating from Georgetown University and Cornell Law School, he worked for a time as a corporate lawyer.  Then he collected some paychecks from AOL before starting at Yahoo in 2006.

As for what he'll do at Groupon, Ina Fried reported, "Shim, who has helped Yahoo in its partnerships with mobile carriers and cellphone makers, will head up mobile partnership efforts at Groupon."

Also, to be a little more specific, Fried wrote, "Shim will be . . . working alongside Mihir Shah, Groupon's VP of mobile."

Raymond Stern will take over Shim's duties at Yahoo in the meantime.  Stern started at Yahoo in late 2009 and holds the title "Senior Vice president of North America Partnerships and Business Development."

This incident is bound to represent a bit of a sore spot for Yahoo, since it's had enough trouble losing employees to Google and Facebook without Groupon getting in on the action.