Facebook Picks Up New Employees From Pursuit

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Pursuit, a small startup designed to connect employers with job candidates via social networks, has secured what some people (though not all - more on that in a minute) would consider the ultimate prize.  A post on the company's homepage indicates that it attracted Facebook's attention in a big way.

Now, as you see for yourself below, it looks like at least part of the Pursuit team will go to work for the social network.  Which could mean Facebook intends to step on LinkedIn's toes, if the Pursuit team sticks to the subject of recruitment.

Anyway, here's a little more info regarding who's involved.  Louis Eisenberg, who spent six years studying symbolic systems and computer science at Stanford, is Pursuit's CEO and a cofounder.  Russ Heddleston, whose LinkedIn profile includes mentions of Stanford, Harvard, Microsoft, Trulia, and Greystripe, is another cofounder.

Then there's Nicholas Letourneau, a third cofounder and the CTO.  He's made two interesting blog posts in the last month.  In one, he wrote, "I was going down the college-dropout-internet-entrepreneur path but I was able to sidestep that whole thing and get some money out of it in the end.  I either think the entire industry is greedy, incestuous, and creepy, or I'm just telling myself that to make me feel better about leaving it behind."

Also, just two days ago, Letourneau wrote in a post titled "Corporate Life," "I really miss working for myself."

Make of that what you will.  Hat tip goes to Alexia Tsotsis.

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