Google Plans 1,000-Person Hiring Spree In Europe

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Anyone concerned that Google's growth will slow under Larry Page can probably at least put aside those fears with respect to the company's headcount.  Outgoing CEO Eric Schmidt announced today that Google intends to hire 1,000 people in Europe alone.

According to Robin Wauters, Schmidt said at the DLD (Digital Life Design) Conference in Germany, "Our businesses are doing very well around the globe, and as a result I'm happy to announce we'll be adding 1,000 new employees in Europe and make some significant investments."

Then Schmidt continued, "Hundreds of these people will be located right here in our technology center in Munich."

By comparison, Google only added 1,069 employees worldwide during the fourth quarter of 2010, so if this hiring spree occurs in the space of a few months, it'll represent a seriously quickened pace.  Which could hint at some sort of big new project or advertising push.

Unfortunately, Google's intended timeframe, along with what all those new employees will be asked to do, remains unknown right now.

Stay tuned, then, and we'll be sure to report any additional info as it becomes available.

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