Facebook Hires Google's Latin America Head


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Although Google's famous for being one of the world's best employers, Facebook has been able to lure workers away on a regular basis, and the social network's starting to get quite aggressive about it.  Indeed, the latest switch involves Alexandre Hohagen, Google's (former) top-ranking exec in Latin America.

Hohagen's exact title at Google was "Latin America Managing Director," according to his LinkedIn profile, and he held that position for two and a half years.  Now he'll act as Facebook's vice president of sales in the region, according to Miguel Helft.

Hohagen's previous employers include HBO, UOL, the ABN Amro Bank, Boehringer Ingelheim, ML&H Communications, and the Dow Chemical Company, by the way.

So Hohagen has plenty of experience at big, mature companies, which is what Facebook no doubt seeks to be.  That could come in handy as the company expands in Latin America.

Hohagen might be able to provide Facebook a particular edge in terms of increasing its user base in Brazil, as well, considering that Brazil is pretty much the last stronghold of Orkut, Google's social network.

In any event, Helft wrote, "Facebook said the appointment of Mr. Hohagen underscored its commitment to the region and said it planned to build a local advertising team there."