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Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel Had A ‘Frozen’ Reunion That Your Kids Are Going To Love
Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel came together this weekend for a little Frozen reunion for a very worthy cause. The reunion made for some great video fo...
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Kristen Bell Will Return As Voice For Anna In “Frozen” Holiday Special
Kristen Bell will be back as Anna in a Frozen holiday special that will reportedly air in 2017. The new holiday special will feature all of the origin...
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Kristen Bell Joins Husband Dax Shepard For Movie Adaptation Of ‘CHiPs’ TV Series
The film adaptation of the popular 70’s and 80’s television series CHiPs is close to launching its official cast, and its recent addition is Froz...
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Kristen Bell Makes Touching Gesture To ‘Frozen’ Fan Suffering With Brain Tumor
Thanks to Frozen voice actress Kristen Bell, what started as another day of radiation therapy ended with probably one of the best moments of little Av...
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Kristen Bell Shows Compassion, Leaves Voicemail on Six-Year-Old Cancer Patient’s Phone as ‘Frozen’s’ Anna
Kristen Bell showed compassion for a little six-year-old girl with cancer this past week, as she left a message on her phone in her Anna persona from ...
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Kristen Bell Leaves Adorable “Frozen” Voicemail For Girl With Cancer
Kristen Bell, also known as the voice of Anna from Frozen, took time out of her undoubtedly busy schedule to make a little girl’s day. Kristen B...
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George Strait Has New Single Called ‘Let It Go,’ Does He Want to Build A Snowman?
Country singer George Strait has a new single on the charts, prompting some of his fans to ask, ‘Does he want to build a snowman?’ Strait&...
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Man Running Country Blares Frozen Ringtone in Meeting About Running Country
A 78-year-old man who is part of a body that helps runs the United States of America has a Frozen ringtone. And on Thursday, his Frozen ringtone inter...
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Kristen Bell to Reprise Role of Anna in ‘Frozen’ Sequel
Kristen Bell plays the role of Anna in Disney’s animated film Frozen. On Thursday she realized a dream come true. Disney announced there will be...
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John Travolta Pronounces ‘Idina Menzel’ Correctly on 2015 Oscars Stage
John Travolta got a do-over of sorts at the 2015 Oscars, when he met on stage with Frozen star Idina Menzel–and pronounced her name correctly, A...
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Niagara Falls Frozen? Completely Frozen Only Once In History [Photo]
On Monday, the temperature at Niagara Falls dropped to 13 degrees below zero. The drop in temperature left parts of Niagara Falls frozen, while the su...
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Kris Jenner Channels Inner John Travolta at British National Television Awards
Kris Jenner channeled her inner John Travolta at the British National Television Awards in London this past week. In addition to mispronouncing one of...
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Idina Menzel, John Legend: Super Bowl’s Patriotic Voices
Idina Menzel and John Legend will serve as the patriotic singing voices of Super Bowl XLIX at Phoenix Stadium on February 1st. Menzel, best known for ...
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Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel, Divorce Final
Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel are officially divorced. The couple announced their separation in December of 2013. The ‘Let It Go’ singer and...
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Jennifer Lawrence Beats Out Kim Kardashian in Google’s Most Searched People List for 2014
Jennifer Lawrence beat out Kim Kardashian on Google’s Top Trending People List for 2014, despite Kardashian’s quest to “break the in...
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Lea Michele Sings ‘Let It Go,’ Gets Tattoo
Lea Michele sings the hit song from Disney’s Frozen, ‘Let It Go,’ in a promo for the upcoming final season of Glee. And it appears l...
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Elsa and Anna Dolls the Fight-for-It Items This Christmas
Elsa, Anna, and Olaf from Frozen will dominate Christmas. Any parent of elementary school-age kids knows the story. There is a certain phrase that you...
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Alyson Hannigan Keeps Her Kids TV and Movie-Free, No ‘Frozen’ in Their Household
Alyson Hannigan says she is holding off letting her children watch television and see movies for as long as possible. “My kids don’t watch televis...
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Idina Menzel Confirms Another “Frozen” Film
Idina Menzel recently allayed fears that there would be no more tales of the adventures of Elsa and Anna when she confirmed more projects for the Froz...
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Elsa And Anna Will Be Everywhere Tonight
The research is not going to come as a surprise to parents with young children. The most searched for costume theme for this Halloween season was from...
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