Man Running Country Blares Frozen Ringtone in Meeting About Running Country

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A 78-year-old man who is part of a body that helps runs the United States of America has a Frozen ringtone. And on Thursday, his Frozen ringtone interrupted a hearing.

What you're about to see is Republican Senator Pat Roberts, from the great state of Kansas, silencing his phone when the familiar chorus of "Let It Go" interrupts Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. You'll also see a well-timed, but completely obvious Frozen joke.

And this is Vilsack reacting to the interruption.

According to ABC News, this all went down during a Senate Finance Committee hearing about U.S. tariff policy.

Once the offending phone was silenced, Roberts went back to talking about things that affect the country.

Ok, you've gotten the appropriate mileage out of the joke. Let it go.

Image via Pat Roberts, Twitter

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