Kristen Bell to Reprise Role of Anna in ‘Frozen’ Sequel

Kristen Bell plays the role of Anna in Disney’s animated film Frozen. On Thursday she realized a dream come true. Disney announced there will be a sequel to the smash hit, meaning Bell will play Anna again.

“I would play Anna forever if they would let me,” Kristen Bell said during an interview with CBS News. “Not only do I enjoy the character and how much people love her, but I enjoy the team–the physical production team that I get to work with. They are all wonderful people…They’re super talented and super kind.”

Kristen Bell will also star as Anna in a new Disney short film called Frozen Fever. In the short film, Elsa (played by Idina Menzel) plans a birthday party for her sister, Anna. Frozen Fever will also feature a new song written by Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez. They’re the duo who won an Oscar for the hit song “Let It Go.”

“They wrote music and we got to learn a new song. I have nothing even neutral to say about it. It was all wonderful,” Kristen Bell said.

“Disney’s never made a sequel. That’ the truth. Disney Pixar–that entity–has made a sequel. But Disney–Disney has never made a sequel. They wouldn’t just make it haphazardly. They would wait until the right plot line showed itself,” she added.

Kristen Bell explained some of what Disney went through during the creation of Frozen before it appeared on the big screen.

“In truth, it had a lot of different incarnations during the production process…Anna was a completely different person,” she said. “She wasn’t nearly as awkward or goofy. And then we did a massive re-write. I mean then we did pretty much a page one rewrite. And Jen Lee came on and between her and Chris Buck’s co-directing they just found a little bit of magic. The original Hans Christian Andersen story that it’s based on was very different. Elsa was more of a villain and at one point it was ‘Will Elsa and Anna to be mother and daughter? Should they be sisters? Should they be enemies? How do we play it?’ And the story just began to reveal itself–what it wanted to be throughout the last couple of months.”

Do you know any little girls who don’t love Anna and Elsa from Frozen? Be sure to let them know that they’ll be back before too long in the Frozen sequel.

And if Kristen Bell gets her way, there will be a Frozen 3 as well.

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