Elsa And Anna Will Be Everywhere Tonight


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The research is not going to come as a surprise to parents with young children. The most searched for costume theme for this Halloween season was from Disney's Frozen. No doubt, we will be seeing a lot of little girls trick-or-treating tonight dressed as Elsa or Anna. You will also probably spot several Olafs around the neighborhood as well.

According to e-commerce research provider SLI System's, searches for Frozen characters reached around 1.2 million hits over the past two months, making it the most sought-after Halloween costume theme of the season.

Look for movie-themed costumes to be ubiquitous this year. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Batman, Star Wars, Maleficent, Despicable Me should all be well-represented as kids seek out sugary sweets from charitable neighbors. In fact, seven of the top fifteen web searches in 2014 were for costumes inspired by big screen characters.

It may be a bit surprising that Frozen has remained such a popular trend since the film was released in theaters almost a year ago. However, talk to any parent who has had to endure the song Let It Go for the thousandth time, and they will most likely tell you that Anna and Elsa are characters with amazing staying power.

Frozen has raked in over one billion dollars world wide. The Oscar-winning film surpassed Toy Story 3 last March to become the top-grossing animated film of all time. It is currently No. 10 on the list of global blockbusters. Additionally, Disney is planning a Frozen theme park ride in Epcot Center, a Frozen Broadway production, a short film called Frozen Fever, and there are obviously thousands of different items of Frozen merchandise.

Happy Halloween!