Alyson Hannigan Keeps Her Kids TV and Movie-Free, No 'Frozen' in Their Household

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Alyson Hannigan says she is holding off letting her children watch television and see movies for as long as possible.

“My kids don’t watch television yet,” Hannigan says of five-and-a half-year-old Satyana Marie and two-and-a-half-year-old Keeva Jane.

“It’s probably getting to the point where we’ll introduce it to Sati now,” said the How I Met Your Mother actress. “We were waiting for her to start begging us. She’ll ask occasionally, but until recently she didn’t know we had a television so it was a non-issue.

“I think she was convinced for a long time that the only thing on television was either news or sports because when you go to restaurants that’s what they’re playing,” she said.

Hannigan made her comments during the first day of recording for a guest-voice role on Disney Channel’s Sofia the First in a new episode premiering Dec. 12.

The 40-year-old actress said she has always been drawn to animation, quoting her Buffy the Vampire Slayer director, Joss Whedon.

“I think Joss put it perfectly when he said, ‘I feel like if we opened you up, a cartoon would just pop out,’” Hannigan said. “I think that’s the most fitting description of me.”

On Sophia, Hannigan plays Winter, a "gentle faun who yearns for a special ability — only to realize she was special all along," according to People.

Surprisingly, Hannigan's children have not even seen Frozen.

“The Frozen thing was hard” to avoid, admitted Hannigan. “But we gave her all the books, so she’s obsessed. And she knows the soundtrack back and forth."

She added that Satyana did watch the film on a recent flight, although she had to watch it on mute.

"We let her watch it without the sound,” says Hannigan. “We figured if she’s just going to lean over and watch it on someone else’s screen, we can just put it on the screen in front of her. So she says she’s seen Frozen. Pretty much!”

Come on, Alyson, let it go...

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