France Testing Anti-Drone Laser System for 2024 Olympics

The French military is testing a laser-powered anti-drone system it hopes can be used to protect the 2024 Olympics.

France Clears Microsoft and Google’s Cloud Technology for Sensitive Data

France has decided Google and Microsoft’s cloud technology can be used for sensitive data — with caveats.

Google Search May Pull Out Of Australia Over News Content

Google has taken the extraordinary step of threatening to pull its search engine out of Australia if it’s forced to pay for news content.

French Military Clears Hurdle to Bionic Troops

The French military has been granted permission to develop augmented troops by an ethics committee tasked with evaluating the issue.

France Wants To Impose Its Laws On Google Worldwide

Google is fighting a ruling in France that requires Google to not just honor search removal requests from users in France, but to also censor those results worldwide, including the USA. In March, the French data protection regulator (CNIL) ordered…

Uber Ban Constitutional, Says French High Court

According to France’s Constitutional Court, laws banning he operation of UberPOP, Uber’s low-cost service using non-professional drivers are constitutional. Uber had challenged the law as illegal, but according to the court it conforms to the country’s constitution. “The Constitutional Court…

Google ‘Right To Be Forgotten’ Appeal Shut Down

In June, French regulators ordered Google to extend its “Right to be Forgotten” search engine delistings to its sites around the world rather than only in Europe. From their perspective, Google leaving such listings available in other versions of its…

Uber France Execs Reportedly Arrested

Uber France CEO Thibault Simphal and Uber Europe GM Pierre-Dimitri Gore-Coty have both been taken into custody, according to reports from the AFP and France’s The Local. According to authorities, the two Uber bosses are being investigated for running an…

French Taxi Drivers Burn Tires, Flip Cars in Massive Uber Protest

If you’re looking to get around Paris today, expect delays. And fires. Roads to and from Paris airports and train stations are blocked, as is the beltway around the city, thanks to a massive protest against ride company Uber. The…

More European Regulatory Interest In Search Emerges

Google has been under investigation by the EU for five years, and last week, the European Commission sent a Statement of Objections to Google alleging it has abused its dominant position in the market for general internet search services by…