Apple iPhone
Get Ready for More Ads on Your iPhone and Mac

In a move that is sure to upset users, Apple may be preparing to bring far more ads to its iPhone and Mac platforms.

Netflix Streaming on Apple TV - Image by StockSnap
Netflix’s Ad-Supported Plan Will Have a Major Limitation

Netflix is working to roll out an ad-supported plan, but it will come with a major limitation: no downloads.

Is TikTok replacing Google - Eric Siu
Is TikTok Replacing Google?

Digital marketing entrepreneur Eric Siu, asks an interesting question, “Is TikTok the NEW Google?” The idea is that younger people are starting to search immersive social apps like TikTok and Instagram directly instead of searching Google.

finding a perfect audience
How to Find a Perfect Audience

Finding a perfect audience of your tribe in order to more efficiently market and advertise to benefit your brand matters.

Amazon Shopping - Image by Hannes Edinger
Amazon Sues More Than 10,000 Facebook Group Admins Over Paid Reviews

Amazon is taking its battle against paid reviews to a new level, suing Facebook group admins for paying people for fake reviews.

How To Make The Instagram Algorithm Work For You

Instagram is tricky to master, but rewarding once you do. Learn how to make the Instagram algorithm work for you below.

3 Digital Marketing Methods Every Business Needs

If you’re looking to get ahead online with your business, you need to learn to embrace digital marketing methods.

Oracle Fusion Marketing - Credit Oracle
Oracle Turns to AI to Automate Digital Marketing With Fusion Marketing

In an industry first, Oracle is using artificial intelligence (AI) to help automate digital marketing.

digital pr plan
How You Can Create An Effective Digital PR Plan

While it may look daunting at first, it is worth it to build an effective digital PR plan. Learn more tips below.

US Capitol Building - Image by 1778011
Senators Introduce Bill to Break Up Google and Meta

A bipartisan group of senators is taking aim at Google and Meta, introducing a bill that would break up the companies’ ad businesses.