Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Corporate Retreat Video

Steve Jobs Plays FDR in Corporate Retreat Video

By Chris Gabbard May 9, 2012 | 1 Comment

In case you missed it, see Steve Jobs play FDR in a corporate retreat video for Apple employees in 1984. The Full 8 minute video can be seen HERE It is definitely worth a view. It reminds me of what …

Blogs Giving Mainstream Media a Run for its Money

Last week I read an interesting article by the Alley Insider that I’ve been dying to share – mainly because it included the following Nielsen chart that revealed an interesting comparison of sites.

Woops, Bloggers Give Nissan Too Much Credit

Did you know that Nissan has developed a new kind of paint that can change colors on command? It was news to Nissan, too.

Hong Kong’s Broadband Is How Fast?

In case you’re still convinced there’s a true open market in broadband space and the handful of companies running it are sufficient competition for each other, consider this: in Hong Kong, you can get a fiber-to-the-home connection 20 times faster than Verizon’s FiOS connection for about the same price.

MySpace Turns Away Australian Mobile Users

Under the right circumstances, an air of exclusivity can create a lot of interest.  Under the wrong circumstances, it can generate a lot of shrugs.  And by blocking some Australian mobile users, MySpace seems to have earned an unhealthy mix of the two.

What are Tech Bloggers Good for?

Dare Obasanjo asks “what are those A-list technology bloggers good for?”

He’s absolutely right! (I’ve been saying that a lot today — I’m in a very agreeable mood).

YouTube Steps Towards Widescreen
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All the latest televisions have embraced this format, and now YouTube (sort of) has, as well: video search results are being displayed in a widescreen ratio.  It’s not clear when this feature might make the jump to the videos themselves, however.

Google Street View Gets Camera Car Fleet
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Those of you who like the Google Street View program should celebrate; those who have privacy concerns should stock up on window blinds and baseball caps.  A report indicates that Google’s got at least 30 new Chevy Cobalts, and they appear ready to serve as Street View camera cars.

YouTube Becomes Free For Helio Users

This won’t change the world, but it’s a nice gesture: Helio (“don’t call us a phone company”) has stopped charging its users for access to YouTube.  The “mobile brand” is even refunding customers who already sent over some cash.

Google Tops PC World Product List

their top products of 2007 list, and as usual it only covers the first few months of 2007. Still, Google should be quite happy, as it took the #1 spot with Google Apps Premier Edition, with PC World basically saying that Google’s $50/year docs/spreadsheet/calendar/email/IM software being the best product right now. In the entire world.

Conclusions? Draw them.

PayPerPost Solicits Gizmodo, Gets Wagged
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PayPerPost offers bloggers payment for writing reviews of products or services. Their business model has drawn criticism from sites like Valleywag, which just happens to be under the Gawker Media umbrella with Gizmodo.

Anthony Cumia Shows You How To Install Vista

I’m a huge fan of the Opie & Anthony radio program on XM Satellite Radio, have been for years, and over the last week, I’ve heard show host Anthony talking about his experiences with Windows Vista.

Anthony’s had a lot of trouble, running into unsigned drivers, video card drivers that have worse performance in Vista than in XP, and a constant Blue Screen of Death before every install.

RSS on Your TV

As if there isn’t enough evidence of media convergence, Niall Kennedy reports that the latest high-definition TV’s from Sony will allow you to subscribe to RSS feeds.

Live Blogging Leads Macworld Keynote Coverage

Coverage of the Steve Jobs keynote at the Macworld conference took on several different forms this year. Some publications took the traditional journalistic approach by writing articles after the fact, while others experimented with the less formal, more reactionary approach of blogging.

Is AppleTV Xbox without the “X?”

Phil Waligora, who works at Microsoft, is watching Steve Jobs’ keynote (I’m not, but am trying to check in here and there) and calls me out, wondering if I’ll say the just announced AppleTV is innovative.

Powerful Mobile Application from Windows Live

The Windows Live folks have released a really cool application for mobile phones, one that makes it easier to check out maps and find driving directions and traffic conditions.

Microsoft Beats Google

It’s funny, a friend told me Microsoft couldn’t innovate anymore and that Google was going to eat its lunch.