Microsoft, Apple Are Most Visited Computer/Electronic Sites

Microsoft, Apple Are Most Visited Computer/Electronic Sites

By Drew Bowling January 11, 2012 | 3 Comments

Just as how you go to the grocery store when you want to find food, a new Nielsen report shows that when the people want to find some information about electronics and computers, it comes as no surprise that they …

Friday the 13th Sees Facebook Hit 175M Active Users

Some of us measure our popularity in the number of Facebook friends we have. Facebook measures its popularity in the number of “active users” it has—and that number hit 175,000,000 on Friday the 13th, according to a Tweet from Dave Morin of Facebook.

CBS to Take Online Video Seriously

CBS is re-launching TV.com, a site it picked up in its CNET acquisition. Currently, the site is kind of a go-to resource for all things television, except actual TV content. They do have some video clips and episodes of things, but it’s not Hulu.

YouTube To Stream Full-Length Feature Films

The most popular video site on the web, YouTube has long been in negotiations with movie studios to stream full-length feature films. And while there are still a lot of details to be hammered out, sources say that the deal could be complete in thirty to ninety days, according to CNET reports today.

Oops: Outsourcing Firm Loses Google Staff Data

All the engineering acumen in the world, or at least in the Googleplex, can’t prevent an old-fashioned burglary of unencrypted employee data held by an outside firm.

CNET Affected By Security Breach
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It’s been a tumultuous year for CNET’s employees.  There have been widespread layoffs, a $1.8 billion acquisition, and now, a security breach that’s put their personal information at risk.

CBS Acquiring CNET For $1.8 Billion

Yesterday afternoon, CNET’s stock closed at a price of $7.95 per share.  This morning, CBS announced its plan to acquire CNET for $11.50 per share, or about $1.8 billion overall.

CNET, Yahoo Make Friends

A lot of people are at least familiar with CNET, but starting soon, Yahoo is going to introduce the site to even more of them.  CNET and Yahoo should announce a new content and advertising deal sometime this afternoon.

Frost & Sullivan’s Study On Data Leaks

A new study from Frost & Sullivan suggests companies have a new enemy to face, in their battle to protect their online reputation–their own data leaks.

According to CNET:

Indeed, three-fourths of the information security professionals around the world surveyed by Frost & Sullivan say they now consider avoiding reputation damage to their organizations as a top priority.

Facebook And ConnectU Reach Settlement

As with most legal battles, the ConnectU suit against Facebook has begun to drag out: first filed in September 2004, the legal battle over who originally created the source code for Facebook is still ongoing. Last July, a Massachusetts Federal judge ruled that ConnectU needed concrete evidence to bring their suit.

CNET Slashing 120 Jobs

Ten percent of the CNET workforce will be hammering their connections for job leads, as the media company trimmed its workforce amid board takeover threats from the Jana Partners hedge fund.

Problems With Facebook’s New Privacy Measures

As promised yesterday, Facebook has announced new privacy measures. The new features include long-sought for privacy controls based on friend lists (which were introduced in December).

Consumating To Shut Down

If you want to find "people who don’t suck," you’ll soon have to use some site other than Consumating.  The social network/dating resource is scheduled to close on March 15th.

CNET Calls JANA’s Proposal ‘Improper’

CNet Networks responded to hedge fund JANA Partners’ aggressive proposal to takeover the company upon acquiring a majority of shares in the company. CNet called JANA’s proposal "improper" and indicated that a takeover would not add value for stockholders.

JANA Partners issued an announcement this morning and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission its intent to submit proposals to amend CNet’s bylaws in order to increase the size of the board of directors from eight to thirteen. The move came after JANA acquired 21 percent, or a majority stake, in the company.

CNet Facing Shareholder Unrest

A New Year’s downgrade of CNet Networks has an activist group of investors calling for big changes with the company.

Investor Revolt Against CNET

Updated: The NY Times reports this morning that, "consortium of prominent investment funds has amassed a 21 percent stake in CNet and is seeking to oust the company’s directors and take over a majority of its board".

Gaming Blogs Abuzz Over Reviewer’s Firing

Jeff Gerstmann’s negative review of massively promoted Eidos title Kane & Lynch: Dead Men may have contributed to his dismissal as gaming editorial director from CNet’s Gamespot.