Spindex – Microsoft’s Stab at Social Media Organization
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At the Web 2.0 Expo, Microsoft announced a new product from its FUSE Labs division: Spindex, a social tool to bring activity from sources like Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and of course Bing, together in one place. The official description says:

Google Leads Invidi Technologies Funding Round

The self-proclaimed "leader in advanced addressable advertising solutions for television" has received financial backing from Google.  Google – along with several other organizations – participated in a funding round that won Invidi Technologies over $23 million.

This should bring Google and Invidi much closer together, considering that they’re now supposed to work together on certain unnamed projects.  Shishir Mehrotra, Director of Product Management for Google TV Ads and YouTube Ads, has actually joined INVIDI’s board of directors as a result, too.

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GameFly Brings GameCenter App to Android and Palm

Gamefly, widely considered the Netflix of games, has just released its mobile GameCenter app for Android and Palm devices.

"Originally issued last fall for the iPhone, GameCenter provides a portal into all things games-related, complete with news stories, video trailers, cheats, reviews, upcoming release dates and more," a GameFly representative tells WebProNews. "GameFly developed this version to meet the requests by subscribers and fans."

Insider Pages Launches Doctor Finder Tool

Local business review site, Insider Pages, has launched Doctor Finder, a new tool aimed at making it easier to find medical specialists based on a variety of criteria.

WebProNews spoke with Eric Peacock, General Manager, Insider Pages about the new Doctor Finder tool.

Peacock said the Web has made it increasingly easy to find recommendations for things like restaurants and hair salons, but it has largely failed at making it easy to choose a doctor.

Twitter Tweet Frequency on the Rise
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Last month at Chirp, Twitter’s Developer Conference, the company announced that it was up to 105,779,710 registered users, confirming Twellow Developer Matthew Daines’ estimate that they had surpassed 100 million users.

MySpace Puts Former Googler Over Games, Dev Platform

Fresh off News Corp.’s quarterly earnings report, MySpace has added a new member to its team, and he looks more than capable of helping the site move forward.  In fact, the man’s spent a good deal of time working for a certain search giant, and he’ll oversee two businesses on which MySpace is putting more and more emphasis.

Embeddable Tweets Could Increase Visibility for Twitter and Twitterers
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Update 2: Robin Sloan from Twitter, who created and announced the Blackbird Pie tool to embed tweets is stressing that this is just an experiment, at this point, and that calling it a Twitter feature makes him  "cringe" because he knows "what kind of care goes into real Twitter features."

For the record, I’ve only said that it should be a feature since it was revealed.

Google Analytics Gets an App Gallery
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Google has launched the Google Analytics App Gallery, which includes 32 apps so far.

Is Google Buzz A Flop?
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Earlier this year Google added a new product to the already overflowing social-space. Its name was Buzz and it instantly found itself in the same category (mainly for the built-in Gmail userbase) alongside both Twitter and Facebook. Based on all the hype surrounding Buzz, it seemed we were getting ready for the fight of social-space supremacy.

Fast-forward a few months

Faster Chrome Beta Debuts As Market Share Grows

Chrome did pretty well in April, according to the latest stats from Net Applications, increasing its market share by 0.60 percent.  And now, to perhaps speed the browser’s adoption even more, Google’s unveiled what it promises is the fastest beta version of Chrome to date.

iPhone And iPod Touch Users Lead In Downloading
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Only 16 percent of Americans over the age of 13 are using devices besides their home computers to download software apps, music, video, and other entertainment content from the Internet, according to a new report by The NPD Group.

The report found three-quarters (75%) of iPhone and iPod Touch users are connecting to the Internet to download entertainment content and apps, compared to 19 percent of game console users and 17 percent of Blu-ray Disc (BD) set-top users.

StumbleUpon Claims to Be #1 Social Media Traffic Source for U.S.
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StumbleUpon broke away from eBay a little over a year ago, and went back out on its own. The company has shared an interesting list of stats about StumbleUpon use since then.

Facebook, Twitter Maintain Impressive Momentum

Facebook and Twitter continue to chalk up impressive gains in terms of attracting unique audiences.  A new report from Nielsen frames their growth on a year-over-year basis, and the two social networks have managed to achieve increases of 69 percent and 45 percent, respectively.

Google To Enter Digital Book-Selling Biz
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Never mind its experiments with snippets and the occasional free-but-old-or-odd novel; sometime this summer, Google is going to become a proper (digital) bookseller.  A strategic partner development manager at the company said today that it will go into business by launching a site called Google Editions.

GamePoints Centralizes Virtual Currency for Facebook and Other Gaming Apps

Offerpal Media, a company that provides virtual currency monetization for developers of social media gaming apps, has launched a new destination for consumers to earn, buy, manage, and redeem virtual currencies, called GamePoints.com. "Virtual currency is a huge market — $1.6 billion in the U.S. alone, and over $7 billion worldwide," a representative for Offerpal tells WebProNews. "Yet, until now there has been no way for online gamers to acquire and manage all their virtual currencies in one central location."

Is Your Content Getting As Much Out of YouTube as it Could Be?
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YouTube still claims to be the second largest search engine in the world. Just think about that for a minute. If you produce online video and it’s not on YouTube, you’re probably missing out on a great deal of potential viewers. If you’re not producing video at all, you’re missing out a lot of searches.

Do you consider YouTube important to search marketing?
 Let us know.

RealNetworks Launches Social Gaming Platform

RealNetworks games division has introduced GameHouse Fusion, a social gaming platform giving users access to socially connected games across multiple social networks and devices.

GameHouse Fusion gives users access to a large catalog of games, the ability to engage in multi-player gaming and live chats between networks, a virtual economy that works across platforms, and features such as high scores, notifications and news feeds. The goal behind GameHouse Fusion is to make single player games more social.

Google’s Taxpaying Habits Scrutinized In Australia

Google’s practice of channeling its revenues through Ireland is getting the company into trouble yet again.  This time, onlookers in Australia have taken note, and although no government officials have become involved, people are definitely unhappy that Google may be shirking its tax obligations.

Social Network Users Posting Too Much Personal Information
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More than half (52%) of social network users in the U.S. have posted personal information such as their full birth date which can make them vulnerable to cyber attacks, according to a new survey from Consumer Reports.

Consumer Reports’ State of the Net survey found that 9 percent of social network users experienced some form of abuse within the past year, such as malware infections, scams, identity theft or harassment.

Google Conversion Optimizer Gets Target CPA Bidding

Google has launched a new feature for its Conversion Optimizer tool for AdWords. It’s called Target CPA Bidding, and lets advertisers set a bid that reflects the average amount they’d like to pay for a conversion, as opposed to the maximum they’re willing to pay for it.

Google Reclaims Gmail Name In The UK
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Four and a half years ago, Google lost the right to use the term "Gmail" in the UK due to a trademark dispute, and ever since, "Google Mail" is what its email service has been called in the region.  Only now, Google’s finally ditching the two-word moniker and going back to good old Gmail.

Digg to Stop Shortening URLs for Just Any Sites
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About a month ago, Digg CEO Jay Adelson stepped down, and Founder Kevin Rose stepped in to take his place. It didn’t take long – the next day in fact – for Rose to begin making some changes.