What Google
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WebProNews’ Mike McDonald caught up with Matt Cutts of Google at the Hofbrau Haus in Las Vegas during PubCon to get his views on a number of topics.

Is Ranking Dead?

Is Google Sexist?
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In the movie version of the TV cartoon South Park, the boys ask Chef how to make women happy. Without thinking about to whom he’s talking, Chef tells them the secret, and the boys go off in search of it. If they’d searched on Google with strict safe filtering, though, they’d never have found it, an anticlimactic event to which many women might sniff and respond, “typical!”

Delicious Provides a New Way to Listen to Audio
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Delicous has started integrating Yahoo Music’s FoxyPlayer into the social bookmarking site. Users can now listen to playlists based on bookmarks.

YouTube Enhances Embedded Search and Audio Library
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YouTube has a couple of new things going on worth noting. First off, if you nave not noticed by now, embedded YouTube videos now carry a search box at the top. This only appears when you mouseover the top portion of the video, and disappears when you move away.

Google Rolls Out New Features To Picasa
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Google has introduced several new upgrades to its Picasa photo service.

Google Rolls Out New Features To Picasa

The Picasa name tag tool has now been expanded to include 38 languages and there are new improvements in how users can share their photo albums along with automatic translations of comments.

Embed and Upload High Quality Videos with Facebook
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Facebook has just started allowing users to upload higher quality videos, and start embedding them on other sites in classic embeddable-video fashion. Facebook launched its video feature last year, but has not offered the ability to  upload high quality videos until now. Chris Putnam at the Facebook Blog writes:

Top Searches for In-Demand Gifts
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Hitwise has released some data taking a look at search queries of holiday shoppers looking to locate hard-to-find gifts online. You know, those toys that are in demand. Every holiday season has (at leas) one. Once upon a time it was the "Tickle-Me Elmo". Last year it was the Nintnedo Wii. This year it’s…well, still the Nintendo Wii, among some others.

Nielsen Looks at Online Retail Category Performance
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Nielsen is sharing some interesting data today regarding online retail web traffic during the holiday season. This data shows that both Black Friday and Cyber Monday traffic were up by 10% each when compared to last year.

Link Building With Articles
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There are many different ways that a link can be built. One that is often overlooked but which can have huge rewards is writing and submitting articles. The reason article writing and submission is arguably one of the best of the link building methods is that it not only functions as a link building exercise but also a traffic source. Honestly, can you think of a better use of your online marketing time than a tactic that provides for traffic and which can help improve your search engine visibility? Neither can I.

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Universities Listening To Talks Of Blanket Music Licensing At The ISP Level

Warner Music Group’s Jim Griffen, who has been a vocal proponent of blanket music licensing at the ISP level, is out pitching the idea to some of America’s top universities.

Facebook Puts Employee Stock Sale On Hold
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If you’re friends with any Facebook employees, don’t be surprised if your holiday gifts from them wind up being homemade ashtrays instead of multiple DVD sets.  The sale of shares that would have allowed some employees to make $900,000 has been postponed.

The Year in Online Video
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Now that we are in December, the final month of the year, I thought it would be fun to go back through our archives and take a look at some of the highlights of different sectors of our industry, and reflect on everything that has happened over the year 2008. January seems so long ago. So much has happened.

Online Journalists Now The Most Jailed
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More online journalists are in prison globally than any other reporters working in any other medium, according to a new survey by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ).

Microsoft Hires New Head Of Online Services Group
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Given all that’s gone on at Microsoft lately, it’s hard to believe that the company has been running around without anyone in charge of its Online Services Group.  That period is coming to an end, though, as Dr. Qi Lu, a former Yahoo exec, has gotten the job.

Conde Nast Delaying At Least One Site Relaunch

The economy seems to have pushed Conde Nast into an "if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it" state of mind.  New reports indicate that the giant publisher has postponed plans to relaunch one or more websites tied to its magazines.

Worm Rains on Facebook’s Parade
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Just as Facebook unleashes its Facebook Connect program that ties the site in with any other site who wants to be involved, some virus has to come along and rain on the parade. The Koobface virus, which has in actuality been around for the majority of the year, is not directly related to Facebook Connect, but casts a shadow of vulnerability on Facebook in general.

What to Look For

Google Buys PaperOfRecord Newspaper Archive
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Google Buys PaperOfRecord Newspaper Archive

WSJ Editor Doesn’t Get Internet Advertising
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Wall Street Journal Managing Editor Robert Thomson spoke about a print advertising resurgence in a speech at the Reuters Media Summit in New York. He thinks advertisers are moving back to print because of his belief that print has a more attentive readership than Internet news readers.

From Reuters …

Google Reader Interface Improved
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Google Reader has undergone some changes. The objective seems to have been to simplify things and give the whole thing a cleaner look and feel. While I’m sure the changes will still receive their share of critics, I for one am generally pleased with the update. Let’s take a look at the changes.

First off, if you can’t find something that is supposed to be there:  

Google Launches Friend Connect After Months of Waiting
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It has been quite the day for connecting. Not only did Facebook unleash Facebook Connect on the world, but Google has also now made Google Friend Connect available (in beta) as well.

Police Take Unsolved Murders To Internet
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The Internet is certainly maligned enough as a place of general depravity and poor etiquette, but all shadows have a lighter side. The Toronto Police, for example, have launched a website where visitors can check out cold homicide cases and provide new clues.
Police Take Unsolved Murders To Internet

Inside Twitter Think
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Evan Williams, Founder of TwitterOne of the most interesting Internet phenomenons of late is Twitter. It has become a mainstream brand with Internet junkies, especially marketers and web entrepreneurs. Yet, in kind of a throw-back to old school Internet thought, Twitter has zero ads.

Yahoo Tries To Reroute Navigational Queries
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Ask made a rather embarrassing admission earlier this week: its third most popular search term for 2008 was [Google].  Now, although we can’t say if a similar exit pattern exists, Yahoo has taken an interesting step towards heading off its own Google-bound visitors.

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