Google Launches API for Google Analytics
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Google as announced the release of an API for Google Analytics. This means developers will be able to do all kinds of fun stuff with the program.

Hosting Company Defends Hiring Twitter Hacker
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The seventeen-year-old hacker who gave Twitter a busy weekend earlier in the month was subsequently hired by hosting company exqSoft Solutions, a reward that may have inspired further bad behavior.
Travis Rowland, Twitter

Surveying The Mobile Landscape
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In the ad:tech  MobileMix keynote session "Surveying the Mobile Landscape in 2009," Mike Wehrs, president and CEO of the Mobile Marketing Association, offered his views on the mobile industry.

Google Improves Search-Based Keyword Tool

Back in November Google introduced a new keyword tool called simply Search-based Keyword Tool that enables paid search advertisers to see what keywords they may be missing out on based on searches that are leading to your site. Today Google has announced wider availability and some improvements to the tool.

Google’s Need For Freshness Sours Search Results
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Every so often SEO professionals produce a list of what they believe to be the top factors influencing search engine rankings. The latest update to this list of proposed factors looks much like past lists, focusing on traditional factors like links, content, HTML tags, and domain registration age, and some new ones like geographical factors and personalized search history. But one term might be new to many people: link velocity.

Twitter’s Answer to Facebook Connect
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Twitter recently released a product called "Sign in with Twitter," which is bascially the social network’s answer to Facebook Connect, Google Friend Connect, etc.

Sign in with Twitter is based on OAuth and lets users sign in to third-party sites using their Twitter accounts, much like Facebook Connect does with your Facebook account. Presumably you can now Tweet a link to an article without leaving the article page if it’s on a site that has sign in with Twitter enabled.

Using Twitter For Link Building
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Links on Twitter are already nofollowed and most are shortened anyway by a shortener. What use can Twiitter be for link building? Link building Eric Ward says the site is perfect for finding niche experts.

It’s not about huge amounts of followers or traffic spikes. You can get that kind of traffic from Digg. But the advantage of Twitter, says Ward, is that people specific to an industry are out there, findable on Twitter.

Google’s Dominance and Microsoft’s Perseverance
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Year after year, and month after month we keep an eye on the search engine market share picture. Over and over again in the US, we see Google completely dominating (more so with each year it seems), Yahoo a ways back, and Microsoft even further back.

Scientists Create Brain-Twitter-Interface

For the unfamiliar, a tweet in all caps announcing SPELLING WITH MY BRAIN seems unnecessarily shouted and profoundly obvious; after all, it’s not your hand that can spell, is it? But no hands were involved, only thoughts, and this is what somebody thought onto Twitter.
Brain Tweet

Online Video Popular In Canada
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In February 21 million Canadians viewed more than 3.1 billion videos online, according to a new report from comScore Video Metrix.

The average Canadian online video viewer spent 10 hours viewing videos in February, an increase of 53 percent from their average viewing time last year.

"Canada’s high broadband penetration and tech savvy Internet users make it an optimal environment for online video to flourish," said Bryan Segal, vice president of sales, comScore Canada.

Ask Brings Back Jeeves
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The search engine formerly known as Ask Jeeves, which has more recently gone by Ask.com has decided to bring the beloved butler back, at least in the UK (though his look is slightly updated). The company says that it knows from research that customers "love Jeeves and strongly associate him with providing answers. "

If you ask Jeeeves why he’s back, he’ll tell you:

The Oprah Effect On Twitter
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Everybody knows the quickest path to national sensation is through Oprah Winfrey’s talk show. Become one of her favorite things or favorite books and that favor transforms into a golden ticket. But what effect would she have on Twitter? After all, it’s not bath lotion or a slimming pair of mom jeans.

Microsoft, Mayo Clinic Partner On Health Records Tool

The Mayo Clinic has partnered with Microsoft to launch a free online tool that allows people to manage their medical information on the Web.

The application called the "Mayo Clinic Health Manager" allows users to organize health information for multiple family members, access information from one location, and proactively manage their health.

Microsoft Throwing Another Log Onto the Brand Fire

Here we go again with the whirlwind of search engine brands from Microsoft. Joseph Tartakoff with paidContent.org is reporting that Microsoft has trademarked what appears to be a new brand name of an upcoming mobile search engine. And that name is "Sift." He writes:

Twitter Investor Talks About Possible Google Deal
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Update 2: In Google’s earnings call, CEO Eric Schmidt is quoted as saying:

Ad Networks Continue To Grow In Popularity

Buying ads on ad networks is standard practice these days. In fact, according to an article from AdAge, 65% of ad buys will pass through ad networks in 2009. Even in toughtime-inc-logo times like these that’s a lot of money.

Digg Decides It No Longer Needs Microsoft
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DiggBack in the summer of ’07, Digg and Microsoft announced a partnership that would see Microsoft selling and serving ads on Digg, not unlike Microsoft’s deal with Facebook inked the previous year. The deal was to last until the summer of 2010, but Digg has now pulled the plug according to ClickZ.

Can YouTube Monetize the Hulu Way?
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Market research firm eMarketer has some interesting numbers looking at possible YouTube revenue. The firm pulls from a variety of sources to get a feel for just how the popular Google-owned video site is doing.

For starters, they refer to YouTube as the fifth most popular US web brand according to Nielsen, though March saw the site drop slightly to number 6.

Google, Twitter, WordPress Reps Go To Iraq
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Don’t be surprised if a lot of blog posts, tweets, and YouTube videos start pouring out of Iraq in the near future.  The U.S. State Department has led a number of corporate representatives to Baghdad, and the group includes executives from Google, Twitter, and Automattic/WordPress.

Social Network Users Seek Relevant Ads

Close to a third (31%) of social networking users dislike constant requests to join groups and download applications, according to new research from the Internet Advertising Bureau.

However, the study of nearly 2000 Internet users found that 28 percent of people would be happy to join a group if they were offered exclusive content or something relevant and free, while 37 percent would join a group if there is a genuine interest in what is being offered.

IAB Releases Video Ad Guidelines

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has announced Video Player-Ad Interface Definition Guidelines in an effort to simplify the buying and selling of digital video media. The guidelines outline methods of communication between video players and video ads while providing specs for planning, production, and implementation of video advertising.

Google’s Hairy Mainstream Pickle
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Who knew something stupid like “Rickrolling” would become such a problem for Google? Thanks to an Internet fad, Rick Astley’s one 1980’s hit “Never Gonna Give You Up” and video were played on YouTube 154 million times.

Google Shares 2 New Labs and New Labs Destination
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Google introduced a newly redesigned version of Google Labs today and a couple of new labs to go along with it. They rebuilt Google Labs from scratch with Google App Engine and moved it to GoogleLabs.com.

Meaningful Marketing In A Down Economy
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The nightly news paints a dreary picture. Whether it’s due to a freeze in the credit markets, rising unemployment rates, or just plain nerves, consumers are keeping their wallets closer than ever. At the same time, marketing and advertising budgets are being slashed and executives are demanding measurable, meaningful media from their campaigns. Each marketing dollar must go further. Sales are more valuable than ever. So, what are marketing managers to do to meet such demands?