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Tag: Telltale Games

‘The Walking Dead: Season 2 Episode 2’ Previewed in New Trailer
Just days before last Christmas, in the midst of a crowded and competitive holiday season for video games, Telltale Games released the first episode o...
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Telltale Announces Games Based On Borderlands, Game Of Thrones At VGX
Telltale Games, the studio behind 2012’s The Walking Dead and this year’s The Wolf Among Us, confirmed Saturday night at VGX that it will ...
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‘The Wolf Among Us’ Out Today on iOS
Telltale Games has announced that its latest adventure game, The Wolf Among Us, will be released for iOS devices today. The first episode of the game ...
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The Walking Dead: Season Two Premiere Trailer Stars An Older Clementine
The Walking Dead proved last year that the adventure game genre was still alive and well. It also proved once and for all that you can take a super po...
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Telltale’s ‘The Wolf Among Us’ Launch Trailer Released
The first episode of Telltale Games’ The Wolf Among Us hits Xbox 360 and PC on Friday (October 11) and the publisher today released a revealing ...
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The Walking Dead Coming To Ouya This Year
The Walking Dead is just about on every platform imaginable now. It was just recently released on the PlayStation Vita, and Telltale Games plans to su...
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Telltale Games’ Fables Adaptation Gets Its First Trailer
Telltale Games proved they know how to adapt a comic book into a video game last year with The Walking Dead. The series captured the look and feel of ...
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Telltale Talks The Walking Dead At Comic-Con
The Walking Dead made a huge splash at Comic-Con with the unveiling of the first trailer for the fourth season of the hit TV series. In a separate, bu...
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The Walking Dead 400 Days Creators Talk About The Latest Episode
The award winning The Walking Dead adventure game series from Telltale Games is getting one last episode next month before the team moves on to season...
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The Walking Dead 400 Days Bridges The Gap Between Seasons One And Two
Telltale Games made everybody a fan of the adventure game genre last year with season one of The Walking Dead. We’re still a few months away fro...
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Poker Night 2 Launch Trailer is Appropriately Silly
There are a few games that throw characters from different series’ into a multiplayer fighting arena, but only Telltale Games‘ Poker Night...
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New LEGO City Undercover Trailer Goes Undercover
The announcement yesterday that Rayman Legends will be delayed to September and will no longer be a Wii U exclusive was a huge blow to early adopters ...
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Telltale’s The Walking Dead Episode Three Hits PS3 Today, Xbox 360 Tomorrow
Telltale promised that episode three of their hugely successful “The Walking Dead” game would hit in August. It looked like they werenR...
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