Telltale Announces Games Based On Borderlands, Game Of Thrones At VGX


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Telltale Games, the studio behind 2012's The Walking Dead and this year's The Wolf Among Us, confirmed Saturday night at VGX that it will remain busy as it goes into 2014. Not only will it be working on season two of The Walking Dead as the studio announced two more games for 2014.

At the start of the VGX, it was revealed that Telltale Games is working on Tales from the Borderlands. As the name implies, it will be an adventure game series set on Pandora - the world from Gearbox Software's Borderlands franchise. It will star an entirely new cast of characters, but characters like Handsome Jack will return to make an appearance.

While details are scarce at this time, the guys at Telltale Games said that Gearbox is actually being very hands off with their approach to the world of Pandora. In fact, Randy Pitchford, president of Gearbox Software, said they had very little to say about Telltale's proposal script because they all loved it so much.

Here's the debut trailer:

As an added bonus, here's the interview with Pitchford and Telltale's Kevin Bruner:

The other big reveal of the night was a Game of Thrones adventure game coming from Telltale Games. This is especially exciting for fans of the book and TV series as video games based on the franchise have yet to be any good. With Telltale making a story-focused game around it, fans should now be able to rest easy knowing that the world of Westeros will finally get the respect it deserves in video games.

If you want more, here's an interview with Kevin Bruner and Dan Connors about the Game of Thrones game:

Both games will hit PC and consoles in 2014.

[Image: gametrailers/YouTube]