Telltale Talks The Walking Dead At Comic-Con

The Walking Dead made a huge splash at Comic-Con with the unveiling of the first trailer for the fourth season of the hit TV series. In a separate, but equally exciting event for fans, the team at Telltale Games talked about the second season of the hit game series based on the comic.

The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman and Telltale Games joined forces during Comic-Con to provide a behind the scenes look at what went into creating one of the best games of 2012. The team also teased out a few details regarding what players can expect from the new season that will start later this year.

In other The Walking Dead news, Telltale Games recently released a new episode for season one called 400 Days. They were coy at Comic-Con in regards to how this new episode would tie into season two, but they still maintain that your decisions from both season one and 400 Days will carry over into season two. Let’s just hope they fix all the save data issues going into season two so that nothing is lost in bringing over those decisions.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word yet on when we’re going to see season two of The Walking Dead video game series. The developers still hope to get it out before the end of the year though.

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