The Walking Dead 400 Days Creators Talk About The Latest Episode


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The award winning The Walking Dead adventure game series from Telltale Games is getting one last episode next month before the team moves on to season two. Of course, this latest episode came as bit of a surprise so fans may be wondering just what's going on with it. Wonder no more then as the team behind it are finally opening up.

Director Sean Ainsworth and Designer Harrison Pink recently sat down for a seven-minute interview to talk about 400 Days. They reiterate a bit of what we already know, such as how the episode takes place during the events of season one. The characters and locales will be different, however, as it focuses on five different protagonists over the course of 400 Days after the initial zombie outbreak that started the first season of the series. They also confirm that some of the choices made in 400 Days will carry over into season two, but they aren't talking about that yet.

The Walking Dead 400 Days came out of nowhere, but fans are obviously appreciative. Having to wait later into the year for season two would be killer without some kind of filler, and it seems that 400 Days will fit the bill just nicely. It will also have the added benefit of saving fans the pain of having to play Survival Instinct.

The Walking Dead 400 Days is still penciled in for an early July release for PS3, Xbox 360, PC and iOS. You don't have to play the first season to play this latest add-on, but it's highly recommend that you do.