Telltale's The Walking Dead Episode Three Hits PS3 Today, Xbox 360 Tomorrow


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Telltale promised that episode three of their hugely successful "The Walking Dead" game would hit in August. It looked like they weren't going to be able to fulfill that promise at first, but they pulled through right at the very end.

Telltale Games announced today that episode three of "The Walking Dead" will be available on the PlayStation Network today for $5. Episode three will be available on Xbox Live Arcade tomorrow for 400 MS points. The PC/Mac release will also be available tomorrow for those who bought the season pass via the Telltale Store or any one of their numerous digital download partners like Steam or Origin.

Fans of the iOS version will be able to get their hands on episode two starting tomorrow for $4.99. Telltale is also offering episodes two through five of the iOS version for $14.99.

Episode three is titled "Long Road Ahead" and Telltale promises that it will be "the most emotionally harrowing episode to date." I bet that means people are going to die... again. The game will see the group that you ended up with at the end of episode two making their way out of the motel as they try to deal with the drama that ensued at the end of the last episode.

While you wait for episode three to release on the PSN today, check out the latest episode of Playing Dead. The team at Telltale goes over the many choices that players could make in episode two and how it could affect the story. I don't think I need to tell you, but spoilers are to be expected. Watch at your own risk.