'The Wolf Among Us' Out Today on iOS


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Telltale Games has announced that its latest adventure game, The Wolf Among Us, will be released for iOS devices today. The first episode of the game will be available on Apple's App Store later today. The Wolf Among Us is Telltale's follow-up to its popular 2012 adventure game The Walking Dead.

In trying to recreate the success of The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among us shares many similarities, such as also being based on a long-running and well-regarded comic book series. Players will take on the role of Bigby Wolf from the Fables comics as he holds down the law in Fabletown.

As in The Walking Dead, The Wolf Among Us will face players with choices that will reverberate throughout entire episodes and the series. A new behind-the-scenes preview for the game released today previews a bit of episode one (titled "Faith") and how the game's developers hope to create a meaningful recreation of the comic while still allowing players to influence the story: