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Tag: Spotify

Spotify Is Testing Podcast ‘Voice Translation’
Spotify is piloting a major new feature, one that would translate podcasts into other languages — while still using the podcaster’s voice....
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Spotify Raises Prices
Just days after YouTube raised the price of its Premium and Music Premium plans, Spotify has announced a price hike across the board....
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Fubo Nabs Long-Time Spotify Exec As Head of Product Design
Fubo announced it has recruited Dan Sormaz as Senior Vice President of Design, tapping into the exec's two decades of design experience....
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Spotify Purges Tens of Thousands of AI-Generated Songs
Spotify has purged tens of thousands of AI-generated songs as platforms struggle with where AI fits in with artistic creativity....
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Spotify Laying Off 6% of Its Workforce
Spotify has joined the ranks of tech companies laying off employees, saying it is laying off 6% of its employees....
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CES 2023: Spotify Access Coming to the Android 13 Media Player
Google and Spotify are working together to improve the Android audio experience, integrating the streaming service with Android's media player....
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Google and Spotify Partner to Provide User Choice Billing
Google is teaming up with Spotify to provide user choice billing, rather than locking users into Google's payment options....
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Google Cloud Issue Responsible For Discord and Spotify Outage
Discord and Spotify are back online following an issue with Google Cloud that impacted both services....
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Spotify Bucks Pressure, Won’t Pull Out of Russia
In what is sure to be (another) unpopular move, Spotify has said it will not pull out of Russia in response to its invasion of Ukraine....
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Amazon Music Set to Pass Pandora For Number Two Spot
Amazon Music is set to pass Pandora as the second-largest music app, leaving only Spotify ahead of it....
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David Crosby Calls Spotify ‘Scummy People’ As Music Pulled
Spotify's troubles continue to mount with music legend David Crosby calling the people who work there "scummy people."...
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Apple Drops Apple Music Trial to One Month
Apple has dropped its free trial period for Apple Music from three months to a single month....
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Spotify Chooses Joe Rogan Over Neil Young
Neil Young gave Spotify an ultimatum: Him or Joe Rogan — and Spotify chose Joe Rogan....
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Spotify Misses Deadline For HiFi Audio, Gives No Further Updates
Spotify has failed to deliver on its promise to roll out HiFi audio in 2021, and is offering no update on when users can expect it....
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The Internet Is Broke: Almost Every Major Site Experiencing Outages
The majority of high-profile sites are experiencing outages Tuesday afternoon, with no indication what the cause is....
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Apple Will Allow ‘Reader’ Apps to Have In-App Links to Their Websites
Apple is further loosing its App Store restrictions, allowing “reader” apps to have in-app links to a website for alternative payment methods....
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Google Offered Netflix Special Play Store Pricing
Google reportedly offered Netflix special Play Store terms to keep the streaming giant happy....
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A Single Customer Was Responsible for Fastly’s Outage
Fastly has said a single customer caused yesterday’s outage, an outage that had widespread repercussions....
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CDN Glitch Leads to Massive Internet Outages
A glitch at Fastly, a popular CDN, led to outages for some of the internet’s biggest sites Tuesday morning....
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Spotify Raising Prices for Some Users
On the heals of its announcement about podcast subscriptions, Spotify is notifying some users they will have to pay more....
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