John Carmack Pens Damning Memo Announcing His Departure From Meta

Game developer legend John Carmack is leaving Meta, slamming the company in a damning memo that is sure to make waves.

Oculus Founder Says Meta’s Metaverse Is Like ‘Project Car’ That’s ‘Not Good’

Oculus founder Palmer Luckey is the latest to slam Meta’s metaverse, saying it’s “not good.”

The Oculus Brand Is No More

Facebook is killing off the Oculus brand on the heels of its “Meta” rebrand.

Facebook May Change Its Name

Facebook is considering the possibility of changing its name, both to better reflect its future ambitions and distance itself from existing scrutiny.

Need Facebook Support? Buy an Oculus — But No Guarantees It Will Work

Facebook may be one of the dominant social media platforms, but it certainly hasn’t achieved that based on its customer support — which is abysmal.

Walmart, Verizon, BMW Having Success With STRIVR Virtual Reality Training Technology

“We started the rollout to all of the Walmart retail environments at the end of 2019 and so far so good,” says STRIVR CEO Derek Belch. “It’s definitely something that we’re seeing have a very positive effect as it relates to placing employees in these simulation-based learning environments that virtual reality affords.”

Big Tech Won’t Build Products That Are Part of the Kill Chain, Says Anduril Founder

I don’t think that Microsoft, Amazon, or any of these big tech companies are going to go all-in and say we are going to build products that are going to be controversial, part of the kill chain, and designed specifically for DoD, says the founder of Oculus VR and Anduril, Palmer Luckey.

Oculus Exec Yelena Rachitzky Talks About How VR Can Move Beyond Gaming

Most virtual reality products are aimed at gamers because there is an automatically understood natural fit. Can VR move beyond gaming? Oculus executive produce of experiences at Oculus offers her insights.

Oculus Rift Ships, SDK Updated

Facebook’s Oculus announced pre-orders for the Oculus Rift virtual reality device in January for $599. The company just announced that shipping to over 20 countries and regions is now underway. Kickstarter units are shipping today while the first pre-ordered Rifts…

Facebook Opens Up Oculus Rift Pre-Orders

Facebooks’ Oculus announced that pre-order day for the Oculus Rift virtual reality device is here. You can now pre-order one for $599 on This includes the headset with built-in headphones and mic, sensor, and an Xbox One controller and…

Netflix, Hulu And Others Headed To Virtual Reality

You’ll soon be able to watch Netflix, Hulu, and other video streaming services in virtual reality, it was revealed today at an Oculus developers conference. At first, the new experiences will just let you watch content like normal in virtual…

Oculus Rift Pre-Orders Begin Later This Year, VR Device Ships Early 2016

The Facebook-owned virtual reality company Oculus has announced that its headset, the Oculus Rift, is almost ready to go. You’ll be able to pre-order an Oculus Rift later this year and the device will ship early next year. The finished…

Facebook Is Making Virtual Reality Apps

For those who feel they aren’t already immersed in the world of Facebook, the company is working on making the service a reality. Well, a virtual reality. According to Facebook head of product Chris Cox, the company is already building…

Ok, Who Gave Grandpa Virtual Reality Porn?

Virtual reality porn is sure to be the next big thing in personal entertainment, and the amount of it out there will only increase as the Oculus Rift (and similar technologies) permeate the market. But while it’s still a novel…

Facebook’s Oculus Bolsters Team With Acquisitions

Oculus, the virtual reality company that Facebook recently acquired, announced some new acquisitions of its own in a bid to bring more talent to its team. The company has acquired Nimble VR (formerly 3Gear Systems) and 13th Lab, and has…

Facebook’s Oculus Ships DK2 Model, Partners With Samsung & Lets People Pilot A Jaeger

Oculus has been quite busy since its acquisition by Facebook closed earlier this week. For one, the second pre-release version of the Oculus Rift – the DK2 – started shipping. They were supposed to start shipping earlier this month, but…

Star Trek Holodeck Becomes Reality With Oculus Rift, Results Are Impressive

German scientists at the Max-Planch-Institute have created a way for us to experience the holodeck from Star Trek by using the wireless Oculus Rift. With this technology, the researchers were able to simulate travelling to different places around the world.…

Facebook Closes Oculus Acquisition

Facebook has closed its acquisition of virtual reality technology makers Oculus VR. The deal gained FTC approval in April, and has now completed its final steps. The Wall Street Journal shares this statement from both companies: “We’re looking forward to…

Oculus Acquires the Team That Designed the Xbox 360 Controller

The Facebook-owned Oculus VR, makers of the Oculus Rift, have just announced the acquisition of Carbon Design, whom they call “one of the premier industrial design and product engineering teams in the country.” Exact terms of the deal were not…

Facebook/Oculus Deal Gets FTC Approval

The Federal Trade Commission has given the thumbs up to the $2 billion deal which sees social media giant Facebook acquiring nascent virtual reality company Oculus VR. The U.S. regulatory agency granted the transaction, clearing it of any possible antitrust…