US Agrees to Extend Space Station Operations Through 2030

The International Space Station (ISS) has earned another lease on life, with the Biden-Harris administration committed to funding it through 2030.

Federal Judge Shuts Down Blue Origin’s Lawsuit Against NASA

Blue Origin has been dealt a major blow, with a federal judge ruling against its suit aimed at forcing NASA to reconsider its bid.

Blue Origin Announces Plans for Commercial Space Station

Blue Origin, along with Sierra Space, has announced plans for a commercial space station called Orbital Reef.

NASA: Blue Origin ‘Gambled’ On Its Proposal and Lost

More details are emerging about Blue Origin’s losing bid for NASA’s lunar lander, and it appears the company made a risky gamble that backfired.

NASA Using Japanese Startup to Map Wind Patterns for Drones

NASA is working with Japanese startup MetroWeather Co. to map out wind patterns in an effort to improve drone and air taxi safety.

Blue Origin Losing Top Talent to Rivals

On the heels of losing out on a major NASA contract, Blue Origin is also losing some of its top talent to its rivals.

NASA Pausing SpaceX Contract While Waiting on Blue Origin’s Lawsuit

NASA is pausing its SpaceX lunar landing contract while it waits for the initial phase of the lawsuit Blue Origin has launched.

Deja Vu: Another Bezos Company Sues Government Over Losing a Bid

Blue Origins is suing NASA over a failed bid to participate in the agency’s lunar contract, continuing a proud tradition of litigation when losing.

Houston, We Have a Problem: Boeing Starliner Goes Back to Factory

Boeing suffered another disappointment, as the company was forced to delay its Starliner launch, sending it back to the factory to resolve an issue.

Hubble Is Back! NASA Fixes Telescope’s Computer

NASA has successfully fixed the Hubble Telescope’s payload computer, after it malfunctioned and stopped working over a month ago.

NASA May Have Found the Problem With Hubble

NASA believes it has discovered the issue with Hubble, after the telescope has been in safe mode for over a month.

Hubble Telescope Running in Safe Mode

After decades of peering into the cosmos, the Hubble Space Telescope is experiencing a major computer issue and is running in safe mode.

NASA Working on Moon-Based Solar Power

NASA is working with commercial companies to ensure there is sustainable power on the moon to power any future bases.

Scientists May Be Able to Create Oxygen on Mars

Scientists may have discovered a way to create oxygen on Mars, a crucial step toward long-term colonization.

NASA Concerned About Planned Constellation of Broadband Satellites

NASA has expressed concerns over a planned constellation of broadband satellites from AST & Science.

NASA Taps Nokia to Build Moon’s First 4G Network

Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia may be fighting for network dominance on Earth, but in outer space Nokia is the clear winner.

NASA: America’s Space Agenda Is Really On Fire

Jim Bridenstine, Administrator of NASA, discusses the NASA Economic Impact Report that was released today and says that under Trump America’s space agenda is on fire.

NASA Releases Economic Impact Study

NASA released its first-ever Economic Impact Study today. Combining all NASA activities, the agency generated more than $64.3 billion in total economic output during fiscal year 2019.

IBM Launches COVID-19 High Performance Computing Consortium to Aid Researchers

IBM has announced the launch of a consortium to provide coronavirus researchers with the super computing power they need.

Space Lettuce Is As Good As Earth Lettuce

Good news for the U.S. Space Force: Personnel will still be able to get a healthy helping of veggies, as space lettuce is as nutritious as Earth lettuce.