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Bob Chapek Replaces Bob Iger As Walt Disney CEO
Closing out one of the most successful runs as CEO, Bob Iger is stepping down and being replaced by Bob Chapek as head of Walt Disney....
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Star Wars: Filming Standalone in UK is a Win-Win
The decision to film a new Star Wars standalone movie in the U.K. turns out to be a win-win situation for the country and the studios producing the fi...
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Star Wars: Episode VII Cast Officially Announced
After months of speculation and teases the cast of Star Wars: Episode VII has been officially announced. As had been rumored, some of the actors that ...
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‘Star Wars: Episode VII’, Other Disney Movies Coming to IMAX
Filming on Star Wars: Episode VII begins in May and the hype for the return of the franchise to the big screen is growing. Today Disney added a small ...
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Jesse Plemons Is One Of Five Actors Who Could Play Lead Role In Star Wars Episode VII
Many stars have been discussed for minor roles, but Jesse Plemons is now one of five actors who could actually play the lead role in the upcoming Star...
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Netflix Exclusively Gets ‘Star Wars : The Clone Wars’ Final Season, Director’s Cuts Of Past Seasons
Netflix announced on Thursday that it has secured an exclusive licensing agreement with the Disney/ABC Television Group for Star Wars content, which w...
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‘Star Wars’ Comics to be Published by Marvel
In a move that was fairly inevitable, Disney and Lucasfilm today announced that Marvel Entertainment will be publishing Star Wars comics for the fores...
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Darth Vader Uses ‘The Force’ to Take Selfie
Darth Vader has taken a selfie. Whether “the force” was used to take the actual selfie remains to be seen; however, fans have clearly been...
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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Details Revealed in New Video
Earlier this year, Lucasfilm and Disney revealed that a new animated Star Wars series will make its debut next year. Titled Star Wars Rebels, the seri...
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Darth Vader Posts First “Selfie” via Instagram
The Oxford English Dictionary recently declared “selfie” as the word of the year, stating that the origins of the word date back to 2002. ...
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Star Wars Episode VII Has An Official Release Date
The whole idea of Star Wars Episode VII is certainly one of controversy, as fans of the old trilogy simply feel that the series has already been ruine...
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‘Star Wars: Episode VII’ Release Date: December 18, 2015
When Disney announced one year ago that it had bought Lucasfilm and green-lighted Star Wars: Episode VII, sci-fi fandom was filled with a mixture of h...
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Star Wars VII: New Screenwriters On Board
In news that should be exciting for fans of the original trilogy, Star Wars episode VII will now have its script written by Lawrence Kasdan, and J.J. ...
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‘Star Wars Rebels’ Teased in New Trailer
Earlier this year, Disney and Lucasfilm announced a new animated Star Wars series titled Star Wars Rebels. The series is set to air in the fall of 201...
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Saoirse Ronan, Future Jedi In Star Wars?
Saoirse Ronan, the incredibly talented actress from The Lovely Bones and The Host, may make an appearance in the highly-anticipated Star Wars: Episode...
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Skywalker Ranch Fire Caught In Time
A potentially-catastrophic situation was fortunately averted when a fire was contained. CBS reported that a shipping and receiving building within the...
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Star Wars Spinoff Movies Are in the Works
Ever since The Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm late last year, Star Wars fans have been alternately worried and hopeful about the world’s m...
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New Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth Levels Out Today
Mobile gamers have already conquered Sand Piggies on the sands of Tatooine, stormed the Death (Pig) Star, and completed their Jedi training on Dagobah...
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George Lucas’ Money From Disney Already Earmarked
George Lucas’ monetary worth has long been debated over and speculated on; as the creator of the insanely successful “Star Wars” fra...
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