Darth Vader Uses 'The Force' to Take Selfie

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Darth Vader has taken a selfie. Whether "the force" was used to take the actual selfie remains to be seen; however, fans have clearly been enthusiastic about the photograph that included the following caption, “Another day at the office." Though the photograph was uploaded only a day ago, 36,700 have already liked the picture. This selfie may ultimately be rated as the best in history.

The Star Wars Official Instagram, (where the selfie was uploaded) just opened on December 2, 2013. The social media site already has 121,348 followers, which is something of a track record as these sites go, since this specific Instagram account has only be open for about 24 hours. The account opened with a fitting message, proclaiming, “It is useless to resist.”

However, not all fans are as taken by the recent surge of publicity and adaptation to the realm of social media.

Lucasfilm has recently been in the process of preparing a production hub located in UK’s Pinewood in anticipation for the filming of Star Wars: Episode VII, which has currently been slated for some time next year. The movie, which is being directed by J.J. Abrams, is not set for a release until December 18, 2015. While there is still quite some time to wait before the movie is released, fans have been recently privy to the revelation that R2-D2 will appear in the film.

In the meantime, fans have been treated to seeing Darth Vader pop up at some rather unofficial and unconventional places.

[Image Via Instagram]

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