Darth Vader Posts First "Selfie" via Instagram

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The Oxford English Dictionary recently declared "selfie" as the word of the year, stating that the origins of the word date back to 2002. While the word "selfie" may have not been used until 2002 in this galaxy, the word and practice existed a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...

Or at least it did according to the new Star Wars Instagram account. Twenty-one hours ago, the Star Wars franchise posted its first ever photo on Instagram, which just happened to be a selfie taken by Darth Vader. The force must have been strong with this post considering the fact that the Star Wars Instagram account has gained over 90,000 followers in less than one day.

The popularity of the account was spurred by even further use of social media, as the Star Wars Twitter account tweeted a message to all of its followers to promote its newest foray into promotion for the next movie set to be released in December of 2015:

While many have appreciated the selfie taken by Darth Vader, others have gone to the internet to critique his method. The most obvious flaw that many have pointed to is the fact that Vader failed to use the front-facing camera available on all smart phone devices these days, especially the iPhone which Vader seems to be championing (With Disney buying Lucasfilm, one could expect to see this relationship between Star Wars and Apple develop even further, hopefully leading to neat, new goodies). One could also point to the fact that Vader is also using a touchscreen phone with gloves on, or the fact that Vader forgot to use any filters to eliminate the fact that there are dead Stormtroopers in the background....

Whatever the beef, one cannot deny the happiness that is derived from the fact that Star Wars is already starting to promote its newest episode of the Star Wars franchise. Recent news from the Star Wars camp reported that J.J Abrams will now be working with Lawrence Kasdan in writing the script; Fans everywhere should rejoice at the news considering Kasdan was the writer for The Empire Strikes Back, easily the best movie of the 6 Star Wars films thus far.

Before Kasdan came aboard, Michael Arndt, writer for Little Miss Sunshine and Toy Story 3, was working on the script for Episode 7. One can only imagine Darth Vader as a space-cowboy dealing with suicidal tendencies.

[Image via Instagram]