New Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth Levels Out Today

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Mobile gamers have already conquered Sand Piggies on the sands of Tatooine, stormed the Death (Pig) Star, and completed their Jedi training on Dagobah. Those eagerly waiting for new frontiers to explore and destroy in Angry Birds Star Wars will have to wait no longer.

Today, Rovio released new levels for their Angry Birds/Star Wars crossover game. 20 new levels will let players take control of the birds during the snowy Battle of Hoth. The content will feature new piggies and pig-styled AT-AT walkers. The levels begin with the imperial invasion, so no wampa cave, unfortunately.

It is also debut of a new bird that was previewed before the game was even released. The Princess Leia bird is equipped with a GFD device that acts as a tractor beam to pull down the evil piggy empire's contraptions.

Though the content is officially released today, Rovio has stated that it will be rolling out to different platforms over the next few days.

Hopefully Rovio will continue to support Angry Birds Star Wars so that players will be able to crash the cloud city and duel a porcine Darth Vader in the carbonite chamber. Also, a Lando bird needs to happen.

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