Jesse Plemons Is One Of Five Actors Who Could Play Lead Role In Star Wars Episode VII

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Many stars have been discussed for minor roles, but Jesse Plemons is now one of five actors who could actually play the lead role in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII film.

The casting rumors surrounding Star Wars Episode VII have been out of control recently, as new people are cast, or just mentioned briefly. The other contenders are not known for much, but perhaps if they get this big role, they could become as big as Harrison Ford, who was not known at the time of his Han Solo casting.

Jesse Plemons' most notable role, and one that is hard to forget for the show's biggest fans, was the role of Todd in AMC's hit drama, Breaking Bad. In addition, he has also had minor roles in films such as Paul, The Master, and Battleship, among others.

The biggest casting of a new character in the film so far went to Adam Driver, who will play a Darth Vader-like villain in the film. Following the casting of the villain, the biggest challenge for J.J. Abrams, and Lucasfilm, is finding the right person to play the Jedi that will challenge him.

Several young actors have tried out for the film in the past year, and as production for the film continues to be delayed, it will certainly be interesting to see who finally gets the lead role. According to Variety, the other actors who could possibly play the lead are Ed Speelers from Downton Abbey, John Boyega from Attack The Block, and theater actors Matthew James Thomas and Ray Fisher.

It has been rumored for a while now that Jesse Plemons could join the project after gaining fame as the infamous Todd in Breaking Bad, although now there are four others who may also be likely candidates. However, for fans of the show, it could be quite odd to see him go from playing a ruthless character in the meth dealing business to playing a Jedi.

Fans of the original trilogy do not need to worry too much, as Abrams is expected to surround the less-familiar actor with more recognizable stars for supporting parts, including both Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill. Exact details of the lead role are vague, but it is believed that he will be a Jedi apprentice.

Is Jesse Plemons the right choice for a Jedi? Who should play the lead role? Discuss.

After being delayed for a variety of reasons, Star Wars Episode 7 will finally be released in theaters on December 18th, 2015. The film will be produced by Abrams, his Bad Robot partner Bryan Burke, and Lucasfilm head Kathleen Kennedy.

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