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Jodi Arias: Can She Fight Death Penalty In Re-Trial?
With the selection of a new jury on Monday, it’s fair to say that the final chapter of the Jodi Arias trial is about to begin. Arias first came to t...
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Jodi Arias’ “Fool for a Client” Move Going Well So Far
“He who represents himself has a fool for a client.” Jodi Arias isn’t going down without a fight, even if she is the only one fighting. Aria...
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Jodi Arias Gets Penalty Phase Of Trial Delayed
Jodi Arias’s plan to represent herself seems to be going swimmingly thus far. She was successful in getting the penalty phase of her trial delayed b...
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Jodi Arias Stares Down Death Penalty All Alone
With Jodi Arias, it has been antic after antic throughout her highly publicized trial. Is she mentally unstable or was it all one elaborate attempt to...
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Jodi Arias to Represent Herself in Death Penalty Decision. Wise or Ridiculous Decision?
Jodi Arias is back in the spotlight once again with the news that she will represent herself in the penalty phase of her murder trial, despite the fac...
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Jodi Arias Representing Herself in Court
Convicted killer Jodi Arias will be allowed to represent herself in the sentencing phase of her capital murder trial. On June 4, 2008, Arias attacked ...
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Jodi Arias Could Get Death Penalty at Sentencing
Jodi Arias could get the death penalty when she is sentenced for murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander. An Arizona judge has once again turned d...
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Jodi Arias Will Face A Death Penalty Hearing For A Second Time
Jodi Arias, the 33-year-old woman who was convicted of first-degree murder last year for killing her boyfriend in 2008, is slated to appear in court t...
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Jodi Arias Faces Another Hearing On Friday
Jodi Arias, the woman convicted last year for the 2008 murder of boyfriend Travis Alexander, is expected in court for another hearing on Friday as pro...
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Jodi Arias Files Restraining Order Against Nancy Grace?
Jodi Arias may have been convicted of first degree murder, but her story is far from over. Ahead of her retrial, scheduled for September of this year,...
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Jodi Arias Claims She Contracted Hepatitis C in Jail
Jodi Arias – who was convicted last year of murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander and is awaiting the death penalty phase of the case – clai...
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Jodi Arias’ Legal Team Member Not Allowed To See Her
Jodi Arias, who is facing a second penalty phase trial in September, won’t be allowed to see a certain member of her defense team until the tria...
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Jodi Arias Retrial To Begin In September
Jodi Arias, the former waitress convicted of first-degree murder, is set to face the court again in September for the second phase of her trial. Arias...
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Jodi Arias: Second Penalty Phase Gets A Date
Jodi Arias has been dominating headlines for several months now after her explosive trial ended up coming to a standstill when jurors couldn’t d...
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Jodi Arias Is Costing Taxpayers Over $2 Million
Jodi Arias, the woman who admitted to the brutal killing of her boyfriend in 2008 but claimed it was self-defense, is in an Arizona jail awaiting a ne...
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Jodi Arias Retrial Set For March 17th
Thirty-three-year-old Jodi Arias was convicted of first-degree murder on May 8, 2013 in a case that gripped the nation; however, the initial jury was ...
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Jodi Arias Wanted To Cut Prosecutor’s Throat, Cellmate Says
Jodi Arias reportedly wanted to put a mafia-style hit out on prosecutor Juan Martinez, and her former cellmate says she was obsessed with him and wasn...
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Jodi Arias’ Retrial Judge Denies Media Access
Jodi Arias, now 33, was convicted in May of first-degree murder for the 2008 grisly slaying of her boyfriend, 30-year-old Travis Alexander. Alexander&...
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Jodi Arias’ Second Penalty Phase Banned from Live Coverage, Judge Rules
Maricopa County Superior Court Judge, Sherry Stephens, has rejected a bid by convicted killer, Jodi Arias, which would move her retrial from the city ...
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Jodi Arias Is Accepting Donations Via Twitter
Jodi Arias has been operating a Twitter account via a “third party“, and is now accepting donations for her appeal on her page. Arias, who...
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