Jodi Arias Gets Penalty Phase Of Trial Delayed

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Jodi Arias’s plan to represent herself seems to be going swimmingly thus far. She was successful in getting the penalty phase of her trial delayed by three weeks.

Arias argued that the delay was necessary because of difficulties in securing a key witness for her defense. Following a closed door hearing on Wednesday, Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens granted her request.

Instead of the penalty phase of the trial beginning on September 8th, the trial is set to begin on September 29th.

Arias stood accused of having murdered her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander several years ago. Though she claimed self-defense during a testimony that spanned 18 days, the jury simply didn’t believe Arias’s version of events.

Arias was convicted of Alexander’s murder in May 2013. That jury found her eligible for the death penalty.

The jury itself could not come to an agreement as to whether or not Arias should be put to death even though her conviction made her eligible.

The prosecution opted to have a new jury to whom to present a case for capital punishment.

Arias decided to take matters into her own hands at this stage. She will be representing herself, although it’s still uncertain whether or not this move will help save her from the death penalty or backfire.

Thus far it seems she is handling herself well; winning this delay could mean she’s taking all the necessary steps to avoid a fatal outcome.

There remains a possibility Arias’s bizarre behaviors, which include getting a restraining order against Nancy Grace, could catch up with her at some point.

If it happens that for whatever reason this new jury becomes deadlocked over the issue of putting Arias to death, that won’t be the end of the matter.

The decision will then rest in the hands of a judge. He or she will then determine whether Arias spends the rest of her life in jail or if she will be executed by the state.

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