Jodi Arias Files Restraining Order Against Nancy Grace?

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Jodi Arias may have been convicted of first degree murder, but her story is far from over.

Ahead of her retrial, scheduled for September of this year, Arias is taking desperate steps to garner attention and sympathy.

Arias lashed out at Sheriff Joe Arpaio, who Arias bitterly blames for her allegedly deteriorating health. She also believes the law enforcement official has secret cameras hidden in her cell.

TMZ reported that Arias has hit Arpaio with a restraining order. In the documents, the gossip organization learned that Arias apparently feels the sheriff is to blame for her contracting Hepatitis C. Arias said she was infected after being given a tuberculous shot with a dirty needle.

Arias also claims that her left breast implant has started to leak and has caused a fungal growth to develop. She said that she’s not getting proper medical treatment for her ailments.

Arpaio seems puzzled as to what she expects the restraining order to accomplish.

When it comes to her claims of illness, Arpaio said, "This is something that comes under the correctional health, the county. They take care of our inmates.”

The sheriff said that he would look into the matter next week.

In a bizarre twist, Arpaio was not the only person featured in Arias’s restraining order. Television personality Nancy Grace was also named.

Arias claims that Sheriff Arpaio leaked sensitive letters to Grace.

The sheriff said of Arias’s post-conviction antics, "I know that she wants publicity and the only way she can get publicity is to go after this controversial sheriff, and she's won because I am talking to you.”

He believes that this is just Arias’s desperate way of drawing attention to herself ahead of the sentencing phase to begin in the fall.

The upholding of the restraining order would mean that neither Sheriff Arpaio nor Nancy Grace would be able to infringe upon Arias’s privacy during sentencing.

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