Jodi Arias Is Accepting Donations Via Twitter

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Jodi Arias has been operating a Twitter account via a "third party", and is now accepting donations for her appeal on her page.

Arias, who was convicted of murder after she admitted to the 2008 killing of boyfriend Travis Alexander earlier this year, has dominated news headlines during her trial. During her 18-day testimony, Arias painted a picture of an abused woman who had finally had enough and murdered in self defense. The jury didn't agree, however, and for the past several months the question of whether or not Arias would receive the death penalty has been up in the air. A retrial was granted, and attorneys met with the judge this morning to go over the penalty phase.

In order to receive the death penalty, Arias will have to be found guilty of committing the murder in an "exceptionally cruel" way. But that definition can be very broad, and jurors had a difficult time finding an answer.

Alexander was found dead in the bathtub with his throat slit and had been both stabbed and shot. Arias had taken several photos of the two of them in various acts of sexual congress the day he was killed, right up to his shower.

Arias seems to have few supporters on Twitter; many of the comments on her donations tweet were pretty angry, and many seemed shocked she would ask (Caution, strong language).

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