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Tag: Jodi Arias

Jodi Arias Ordered to Pay $30,000 to Travis Alexander’s Family
Jodi Arias was convicted of shooting and stabbing ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander to death back in 2008. Now the convicted killer has been ordered by an...
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Jodi Arias Case: Lone Juror Requests Security Detail After Voting to Spare Her Life
Jodi Arias wasn’t sentenced to death per the jury’s deadlock during her sentencing trial last week. In an 11-to-one vote, the jury was dea...
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Jodi Arias Case: Juror Responsible For Deadlock Gets Security For Protection
Jodi Arias will not get the death penalty after Thursday’s deadlocked jury resulted in that option being taken off the table. Jodi Arias will no...
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Jodi Arias Verdict 2015: Judge Declares Mistrial
The Jodi Arias verdict for 2015 is the same as the last time around. Within the past hour, the judge declared a mistrial, meaning Jodi Arias won’...
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Jodi Arias: Jury Returns To Deliberate Life Or Death Sentence
Jodi Arias continues to wait for a verdict from the jury that is in the process of deliberating her sentence for the 2008 murder of her boyfriend, Tra...
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Jodi Arias: Jury Returns to Deliberate on Life or Death
Jodi Arias knows her life hangs in the decision of a jury, and that jury returned to deliberations just a few minutes ago. Those jurors left the Maric...
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Jodi Arias: Life in Prison or Death Sentence?
Jodi Arias is spending the next several days wondering what the jury decides regarding her fate. Their deliberations are expected to continue througho...
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Jodi Arias Awaits Decision Of Her Fate
Jodi Arias, along with all of those interested in her scandalous trial, are now awaiting a decision from the jury on whether she will receive a senten...
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Jodi Arias Case With The Jury Now, What Will Be Her Fate?
Jodi Arias now awaits the decision of a jury to decide her fate. The jury deliberated for about three hours before dismissing until next Thursday. The...
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Jodi Arias’ Attorney To Make Final Statements Today
Jodi Arias and her legal team have one last chance to convince the jury on Wednesday afternoon that she doesn’t deserve the death penalty. The t...
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Jodi Arias May Avoid Death Penalty After Doctor’s Testimony On Boyfriend
Jodi Arias and the jury selected to hear her case took a break over the long holiday weekend, but the trial resumed on Tuesday with a bang after Dr. R...
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Jodi Arias Trial: Death Penalty A Possibility
Jodi Arias could be facing the death penalty if prosecutors of her case have their way. Arias is tied up in an ongoing retrial of the sentencing porti...
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Jodi Arias Revealed To Be “Secret Witness” At Her Own Trial
Jodi Arias has been battling it out in the courtroom for months now in the highly-publicized trial for the murder of Travis Alexander, and new documen...
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Jodi Arias’ Closed-Door Testimony Reveals She Struggled to Admit to Herself She Killed Her Boyfriend
Jodi Arias told a jury behind closed doors that she struggled for two years to admit to herself that she killed her boyfriend. The closed-door testimo...
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Jodi Arias Loses Bid To Delay Life Or Death Sentence
Jodi Arias was convicted of murdering her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2008 in a high profile trial that ended last year. The sentencing phase of h...
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Jodi Arias: Attorneys To Interview Witness About Victim’s Computer
Jodi Arias may have been convicted of the murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in 2013, but the trial to determine whether or not she receives t...
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Nancy Grace Cited as Reason for Dismissal of a Juror in Jodi Arias’ Sentencing Retrial
Nancy Grace was cited as the reason for the dismissal of a a second juror after he reportedly approached a journalist and asked her if she was the HNL...
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Arias Death Penalty Trial Includes Graphic Photos Of Crime Scene
Jodi Arias began her death penalty trial on Tuesday, several months after jurors failed to reach a decision about whether or not she deserves to be pu...
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Jodi Arias: Sparring Over Legitimacy of Sex Letters Bogs Down Death Penalty Re-Trial
Jodi Arias has claimed that ex-lover Travis Alexander wrote letters to her apologizing for an alleged incident in which she said she caught him mastur...
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Jodi Arias: Judge Rules Against Live Broadcast Of Death Penalty Trial
Jodi Arias’ penalty retrial will not broadcast live, unlike the first trial which provided endless cable TV and tabloid fodder. The live broadcast o...
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