Jodi Arias Retrial To Begin In September

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Jodi Arias, the former waitress convicted of first-degree murder, is set to face the court again in September for the second phase of her trial.

Arias was convicted in May last year for the killing of her boyfriend Travis Alexander in June 2008, but the jurors were unable to reach a decision on her sentence.

The retrial will begin on September 8 with jury selection. Under Arizona’s statutes, while Arias’ conviction stands, the prosecutors may put on a second penalty phase with a new jury, who may arrive upon a unanimous decision for a death sentence.

If the new jury fails to do so, the death penalty will be removed from consideration. It would then be up to the judge to sentence her to a life behind bars, or to be eligible for release after 25 years.

Alexander’s body was discovered by his friends in his house in Mesa, Arizona on June 9, 2008. He was in the shower, with his throat slit, a gunshot to the head, and multiple stab wounds. According to reports, he had been stabbed a maximum of 29 times.

Alexander Travis' autopsy (graphic)

The medical examiner’s testimony stated that Alexander’s windpipe, jugular vein, and common carotid artery had been slashed. The examination revealed that he had defensive wounds on his hands, indicating that he struggled against the attack.

Alexander was supposed to take an important conference call on the night of June 4. When his friends failed to get into contact with him, they went to his home on June 9. His roommates first said he was out of town, until they opened the master bedroom and found his body in the shower.

One of the pieces of evidence that linked Arias to the homicide was Alexander’s digital camera. Investigators were able to recover detailed images that showed the couple in sexually suggestive poses and of Alexander bleeding in the shower. Another piece of evidence was a bloody palm print that contained Alexander’s and Arias’ DNA, which unquestionably put Arias in the crime scene.

Arias, his on-again, off-again girlfriend was charged for the murder. It was also discovered that she had been stalking him prior to his death. Arias testified that she killed him in self-defense, but was found guilty.

Jodi Arias' side of the story

Jodi Arias found guilty of premeditated murder after lying to the jury

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