Jodi Arias Ordered to Pay $30,000 to Travis Alexander's Family

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Jodi Arias was convicted of shooting and stabbing ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander to death back in 2008. Now the convicted killer has been ordered by an Arizona judge to pay $30,000 to Alexander's family.

It was Monday when Arizona Judge Sherry Stephens ordered Jodi Arias to pay the $30,000 to help cover the expenses incurred by five of Travis Alexander's siblings, as part of a restitution hearing at the Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenix.

Sadly, this money will come in what will no doubt amount to insignificant amounts, as she will pay them just 20 percent of her jail funds until the debt is paid off. It's likely the family will never see much of the $30,000.

Reuters reports that Jodi Arias waived her right to appear at the restitution hearing. She was sentenced to life in prison in April, without the possibility of parole.

None of Travis Alexander's family members appeared in court for the restitution hearing. An attorney for the family has yet to comment on the restitution decision handed down by the judge.

Jodi Arias claimed she killed Travis Alexander in self-defense. She said she was fighting for her life. Prosecutors insisted she killed him in a jealous rage instead.

Two juries in the Jodi Arias case were deadlocked on whether she should be sentenced to death for the murder.

Jodi Arias is presently held at a state prison outside of Phoenix. Court records show she has appealed her conviction.

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