Arias Death Penalty Trial Includes Graphic Photos Of Crime Scene

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Jodi Arias began her death penalty trial on Tuesday, several months after jurors failed to reach a decision about whether or not she deserves to be put to death or given life in prison for the murder of her boyfriend, Travis Alexander. The opening statements were no-holds-barred, as prosecutor Juan Martinez showed the men and women of the jury a graphic photo of Alexander's fatal wounds.

"She loved him so much that after she slaughtered him she showed up at his memorial service," Martinez said.

Alexander was found in the shower about a week after he died with 30 stab wounds, a shot to the head, and his throat slit from ear to ear. Arias said during the murder trial that a masked intruder was responsible for his death, but later admitted to killing him in self defense after he attacked her in a jealous rage. However, a camera was found in the washing machine in the home that contained photos of the couple engaged in sexual activity together, as well as images of Alexander in the shower.

Because the original jury couldn't come to a decision about the death penalty, Arias' legal team will have to prove that she deserves a prison term to just one juror. If all 12 come to a unanimous agreement on death, she will receive a lethal injection.

Arias' defense attorney Kirk Nurmi says his client suffers from PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder and says she is a very ill young woman.

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