Nancy Grace Cited as Reason for Dismissal of a Juror in Jodi Arias' Sentencing Retrial

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Nancy Grace was cited as the reason for the dismissal of a a second juror after he reportedly approached a journalist and asked her if she was the HNL television personality.

The first juror was released Tuesday because of family issues.

The second juror on Wednesday allegedly approached legal analyst and freelance journalist Beth Karas, who is covering the trial for her website, and asked if she was Grace.

Karas reported the incident to the judge after realizing he was a juror. A hearing was held and the judge dismissed the juror.

A jury deadlocked on the first sentencing of the 34-year-old Arias, who was convicted of murder last year in the 2008 death of her lover, Travis Alexander.

It took several weeks to select the jury from a pool of 400. There are now only four jury alternates left.

The sentencing retrial began Tuesday.

During his opening statement, prosecutor Juan Martinez showed a photo of the slit throat of Alexander, who also was shot and suffered about 30 stab wounds in his Mesa, Arizona home.

Prosecutors portray Arias as a vicious killer who brutally attacked her boyfriend in a fit of jealousy and rage after he broke up with her and said he wanted to see other women.

Defense lawyer Kirk Nurmi, on the other hand, said Arias should be given a second chance at life, citing Arias' clean criminal record. He also claims she suffers from mental illness and is a victim of child abuse.

"It's up to you to write the final chapter to this story," Nurmi told the new jurors, who are deciding on whether she deserves death for her crime.

The sentencing re-trial was set to begin reconvene Thursday morning in Phoenix.

Pam Wright