Jodi Arias Trial: Death Penalty A Possibility

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Jodi Arias could be facing the death penalty if prosecutors of her case have their way.

Arias is tied up in an ongoing retrial of the sentencing portion of her 2012 conviction for murdering her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander.

She claims she did it in self-defense, but prosecutors say Jodi Arias murdered him in a jealous rage after Alexander ended their relationship and planned a trip to Mexico with another woman.

Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens on Wednesday denied her attorneys' request to have the death penalty taken off the table.

Jodi Arias' defense team says that a couple of things were left out of her trial that would have made the jury more sympathetic. One point they make is that the prosecution allegedly deleted files off of Alexander's laptop, including pornography, that would have suggested that he treated her in a sexually humiliating manner.

The other claim is that three witnesses on her behalf have refused to testify in open court out of fear that they will be harassed.

Judge Stephens wrote, "Many of those motions alleged prosecutorial misconduct. The cumulative effect of those allegations does not require dismissal of the charges or the notice of intent to seek the death penalty."

She added, "There may have been errors made, but those errors were not so egregious that they create concerns about the integrity or fundamental fairness of the trial."

Of course, prosecutors in Jodi Arias' case deny they did any damage to Alexander's laptop during their research.

Footage from Jodi Arias' sentencing retrial, that is going on right now, will not be released until a decision has been reached on the order of Judge Stephens.

What do you think about the possibility of Jodi Arias getting the death penalty?

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